Hey. In my last parcel from romwe I received this cute 2 colors bomber jacket. You can choose from many other color combinations but I liked red-black one the most. Check out other colors at official product page at link above. It looked very stylish at official product page and it looks exactly the same in real life. The price was very cheap – only 13.29$ after sale.

If you’re wondering in how exactly does my collaboration with romwe works feel free to check out this article I wrote in here. It’s very easy to join.
I received my package from romwe in around 2 weeks and it was without any complications whatsoever. Package was very light as this jacket is from thin polyester material. :

As you can see colors are just as bright as they are at official product photo here: (maybe even brighter depends on lighting)

It’s one-size and you can’t find its measurements at official product page what is a huge bummer. I ordered it anyway as from my many experiences with romwe measurements I know one size usually fits me. I am size L and 167cm tall and this jacket fits me ok. Sleeves are bit oversized and overall length could be longer for my liking but I have no problem zipping it up. But to be completely fair i don’t like how it looks zipped up – i prefer it unzipped.

I like the back side transition with text and signs very much. Also the front part has many stylish rock details  like stripes and metallic accessories – looks amazing.
As I mentioned sleeves are loose and ends in firm rubber band just as the collar and bottom part. Looks baggy and stylish. Love it.

Love it and would recommend it further.
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia


  1. raceenm
    June 8, 2018 / 7:21 pm

    Really Edgy I like it

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