Pastel pink dress


Hey. My very first item I got from romwe for our fashion review program was this cute pink dress. Being my first review ever i spend hours searching romwes site and deciding what should i get. Finlay I’ve decided to go with this dress as it looked so pretty on official product photos:

It looks like light peach color on photos above but in reality is really just pink.

As this was few years ago this dress are no longer available on romwe site but if you check this page they might get restored or you can choose from many other cute dresses romwe offers at their store. Don’t forget to use my discount code  “ 20775-Natalia “ to get 60% off for any 59$+ orders from romwe.

I got my package 2 weeks since ordering and it was without any complications whatsoever.

I ordered size XL with bust size 96cm and waist 72 cm. As you might noticed I have visible curves so the dress doesn’t fall loosely around my body as it does on the model at official product photos. That doesn’t mean it’s small, it fits just right.

I would recommend to go bra less for this dress as I am at all of the photos.

Upper binding goes around neck and it creates nice undulated pattern. Lower binding goes around your waist and you can get creative with it. I went to back, front and back again and made a bow. But you can just simply tie it once or even start in the front. Totally up to you. Length goes above my knees as you’ll see better at photos below. It’s made of nice airy material, slightly transparent and it might look a bit scuffed on the pictures due to packing (and me not owning iron )

I think this dress could be also described as one-size as it fits me – size L and even my sisters who are both size S. It just looks more loose on them.

In conclusion this was great first purchase and I love how sweet it looks on me. Very nice color. Detail photos:

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


Summer in USA – Philadelphia


Hey. Another of our adventure was Philadelphia. I mentioned our host’s nephew Kevin in articles before as our tour guide and trip planer and he has done his job once again. He was very passionate about Philadelphia, even though we didn’t know much about it. It wasn’t very touristy popular destination from what we’ve heard therefore we wasn’t as thrilled from this trip as Kevin.

Our road trip from Avon to Philly started early in the morning. We weren’t even near the Philadelphia when something memorable happened. We got pulled over by a cop on a highway for speeding. This was my first pull over ever ! I like to think that my english is on higher level but I just had no idea what the cop and Kevin were talking about at all. I didn’t understand at all. Later on i figured out that corruption works everywhere and because of some politick stuff we got out with just a ticket. Further ride went on smoothly after that.

We got to Phillycenter, parked our car and began our day long journey. Kevin showed us bunch of historically important monuments for americans like Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Philadelphia City Hall but it wasn’t very appealing to us to be fair. Kevin was so excited to show us Rocky steps and he was also very disappointed when we told him that none of us ever saw Rocky movie.

We visited Reading Terminal Market where we meet up with Kevins friends and had lunch in there. My cousin wanted to see Amish people, but we didn’t have spare time to visit them so as the alternative we come up with the idea to see them at the Markets.

Most interesting trip of the day was our visit of Eastern State Penitentiary. It’s the most historic prison in america. We got our headsets and learn many interesting information. It felt so strange to walk through same places many prisoners did. We even saw Al Capones prison cell ! We saw inside of each cell and listened to stories of prisoners who lived and died there and who tried to escape the prison and how they dig the holes and many other interesting things. Kevin told us that every Halloween the Penitentiary hosts scary ghost night where people go to the building and get scared by the workers. It must be amazing I would love to experience that even though the place was quite scary for me even at daylight. It just had this strange atmosphere all around it. I understand this is not very popular tourist attraction but I would definitely recommend this trip if you ever happen to be in Philadelphia.

We made a prank at our parents as we messaged them saying we got stop by police for speeding and now we were in prison. We were not lying thought, just the information we provide them wasn’t as it seemed at first. My uncle and aunt (cousins parents) panicked so much and started calling them right away but my parents just send me smily faces and didn’t belive me a word 😀

Here are the photos I too in there:

We had reservation for this vegetarian restaurant I was very excited about. I’ll write article about my vegetarian phase and why i had to quit it soon, but at that time i was still vegetarian what was very inconvenient as my other companions love the meat. I’m sure if there is any fellow vegetarian reading this they understand how complicated is to dine at places where they serve mostly animal food and just one or two vegetarian options. You just don’t have vide menu to choose from so you just settle for anything that doesn’t have meat in it. So to be in a restaurant where i could choose everything from the menu was heaven for me. This restaurant created “meat like” food from sprouts to make it look and taste like real meat. Even the name of foods was same as in every other restaurant – it just wasn’t made out of animals.

My cousins were so bitchy about it cuz they didn’t have their daily meat portion and had nothing to eat in there. I mean I felt like that everyday in normal restaurant and i just had to sit it through, but when the tables turned it was unbearable for them. This ruined my stay there for a bit, but whatever, i had my first ever taco ever with “meat” imitation and i loved it. I was quite sceptical at first because it looked just as the real meat. We also meet up with other Kevin’s friend there and she was very lovely and we had nice conversation.

As it was getting late we finished our diner and took our last walk through Philadelphia. It was very windy at that time so our hair is blowing away at almost every photo we took. We made another stop at shopping mall where they had piano in the middle of the hall and my cousin started playing.

Overall it was very nice trip. I felt so bad for judging it so quickly. Yes the first few hours there were not that interested for me and consider the police stop I was sure the trip would be disaster but it got so much better afterwards. I was very surprised by the amount of tourists there.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia

Burgundy Turtleneck top


Hey. Another item I ordered from romwe for our review program was this Burgundy Turtleneck shirt. I’m big fan of turtlenecks and this color made great impression on me at official product photo. But to be fair it looks much different from what the first photo below shows. I would not describe this color as a “burgundy”. It’s red-orange or brick color. Looks kinda retro and you will get better idea of the color in photos below. It looks white toned at official product but it’s not like that in real life. Just see for yourself:

You can see clear vertical stripes of material all the way on the front part and just as same at the back side, but with additional wider ones at shoulder blades. Like this:


At photo above you can clearly see that the back side is longer than front one. It also has small slashes at the sides that separates the longer part from shorter.

Turtleneck is loose and ruched if you want it that way but It can be stretched a lot as I’ll be showing at the photos. Material feels good on skin, I like the unusual pattern of stripes and original color.

Sleeve length is over the wrists but shoulder seam starts in the middle of arms which adds to unique style of this shirt. Also another additional seams are at the back side – just for the looks. I thought it would be like sweatshirt but the material is way too thin to be wearing as a winter sweatshirt. Here are some other photos I took:

I got myself size L as it’s my usual ize and even the measurements on their page fits mine:


Delivery was the same as always – with no complication whatsoever:


It’s currently selling at incredibly low 10$  (but they don’t anymore have all of the sizes available). I would recommend this stylish turtleneck shirt and if you would like to purchase it too don’t forget to use my discount code  “ 20775-Natalia “ to get 60% off for any 59$+ orders from romwe.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia

Rx Coffee cup


Hey. My very first item I got from banggood for our review program was this Coffee mug. Many of you might know i am  pharmacist assistant and now I’m studying at Charles university pharmacy so you get it why i fell in love with this mug immediately when i first saw it.

Description: (found on official product page)

This hilarious coffee mug will have any coffee drinker who sees it in stitches! Just check out the outrageous label
with funny lines such as – DR.
HAROLD FEEL GOOD to REFILLS: SURE! to QTY: 12 ounces of black gold.
Now you can be the doctor on coffee call! Best yet, the ceramic mug will keep your coffee hot and hands dry.

Features & details:
Pill prescription shaped, “Coffee Mug”
Looks just like an RX bottle
Size: 108mm x 84mm x 73mm- holds 12oz of coffee
Weight: 293g
Color: As is shown in the pictures.
Makes for a hilarious, party and drinking gag gift

Package included:
1 x coffee cup

You can purchase it for only 10$.

It’s incredible. Cover of mug is very funny. I was a bit worried it would be heavy but it’s really lightweight even thought top part of the “lid” is bit wider than the rest of the “box” .Very creative idea.My favourite already.

I received my packages after like 2 weeks from ordering and it was without any problems with packing or product itself. Complications occurred later on.


After my first fill of hot wather into the cup I noticed slight crack going from top to bottom but it wasn’t leaking at first. After my second or third fill it cracked up completely and was unusable after that. I don’t know if this happened to other cups too or just mine was damaged. It’s such a shame cuz the cup is so nice and i would love to drink from it at my university dorm.

Now I’m just confused because it’s really nice and I would love to recommend it further but from my experience i don’t know if that’s the best idea as mine mug lived for only 3 day. I guess it’s up to you. Looks are great but usage is questionable.

Here are the photos I took:

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia

Black floral dress


Hey. Another cute item I got from Romwe store for our review program is this Black floral dress. If you’re interested in how exactly our fashion review program works check out this article. I purchased this dress over a year ago and now it’s sold out but I’m sure if you search romwe page in HERE you will find other cute dresses. Don’t forget to use my discount code  “ 20775-Natalia “ to get 60% off for any 59$+ orders from romwe.

And now to this dress. I chose them for its retro look. The pattern reminds me of what ladies used to wear few decades ago. I was really interested in how it would look on someone much younger.

I am wearing size XL even though I usually wear size L,but after checking the measurements i decided to take slightly bigger one and i did make a good choice. Here is the chart i decided on:


As you can see the price was very cheap after the sale. Romwe always has incredible sales at their store.

The item looked really nice on official product photo, and it looks just the same in real life. Of course it looks different on each body types but always cute.

As a university student I need bunch of smart-looking clothes and to combine that with summer clothes is even greater bonus. This dress fits my requirements exactly.

Material is soft on skin, it’s short but in a decent way and even your shoulders are covered up. Pretty colorful flower details on black and a bit shiny backgroud looks very good. Flowers are only on the front side – backside is plain black color and made of simple black textile ( see detail photos). It doesn’t have any sort of closing, you just put it over your head like a shirt (could mess up your hairstyle thought) .

Looks nice and classy. I don’t wear it very often just for my exams once in a while but I like them a lot. Romwe provides clothes for every occasion.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia

Adorable color changing LED light


Hey. I got this amazingly Adorable color changing LED light from banggood for our review collaboration. If you’re interested in how exactly our collaboration works and how could you do it too just check out my article in here.

Banggood offered this light to me itself as it was one of the most popular selling item at that time and I gladly agreed to get it myself as well. It looked so cute on official product photos and it looks just as cute in reality. Here you can check out what the product page offered about this product:



It’s currently in stock and it sells out for 12$, but I remember it was only for 10$ when I got it some time ago. Banggood offers time limited sale very often.

I received my package in around one month since ordering it. It came in black plastic bag with my paper box wrapped in polystyrene safety material and covered up with duc tape as well. Very safely paced and my light came in great condition because of it.

I opened the box and this was everything i found inside of it: Light, charger and instructions. (and sticker but that’s not really important)


Instructions are written in english and it’s very simple and you can read everything in this photo:


Then there was the light itself – so cool – material is really soft and compatible silicone. It’s very light on holding.

  • One push (on the sides or it even lights up if you punch the surface it’s curently standing on) and it starts shining in white color.
  • another push and the lights starts to change from different colors
  • and after another push it stops.

You can repeat this steps however you please – until you run out of batteries. Then you will simple plug the cable to the plug hole at the bottom of light to electricity – through adapter or even your laptop through usb port.

Even when the official product photo shows only 4 possible colors I think it has like 6 due to fade change from one color to another. Also the changing is quite fast. After each push the material goes slowly back to it’s place so you can squish it however you like and it won’t affect its shape for long time. You get the idea of its size from my photos above. Here are all of the colors I captured:


It’s just great decoration. Very cute and lovable, not only for little kids, nice japan anime like style – I just love it.

Would highly recommend it and other items from banggood.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia

Summer in USA – Washington D.C.


Hey. As our stay in states continued our lovely hosts – our american grandparents prepared another amazing trip for us. Weekend in Washington. We went there for 3 days by car. Everyone we mentioned this trip to was very surprised that Frankie as a big workaholic would take time off from work to take this trip with us. We were very happy he did as we had wonderful time. It went like this:

Road trip from Avon to Washington took few hours and honestly I had no idea how it went on as I was sleeping the whole ride. We all expect the driver were as our other trips wore us off. I woke up when we arrived at suburbia of Washington. It was nothing like I imagined. It looked just like in any other city in Slovakia with small houses all over. That was first surprise for me. Until we got further to center of city it started to look like from the movies we see all the time.

We were staying in this beautiful, luxury and expensively looking hotel in center of city called Churchill Hotel. Our generous hosts were paying for our stay, but I could track back the price and it was around 100$ per night for our suit. Me and my cousins were staying in one room and grandparents in other. Room was incredibly nicely decorated, I loved it so much. It was so sad we couldn’t stay for longer. Check out photos I took in there:

We had lovely stay in there. We didn’t eat at the hotel as every morning we went to have breakfast or diner in some local restaurant. Our hosts made sure we tried everything that was new for us like bagels for example:

Don’t judge me please but I really don’t understand why it’s so popular. It was ok tasting but nothing special for me. But hey I tried it.

Every day was filled with exploring Washington with just map of city with highlighted famous attractions. Washington Monument was our safe point and we circled its surroundings and meet up with Frank there as he’s not much of a tourist. We took our tour with only his wife Sue and she was amazing tour guide. We visited World War II Memorial and then Lincoln Memorial. They were shooting some movie in there so we had to get around bunch of film people. I found Vietnam Veterans Memorial very interesting. Of course we saw all of the politically important buildings like The US Capitol, Capitol Hill and The White House but only from the back side. At our first day we visited Arlington National Cemetery and it was spectacular. I was so fascinated by it. We even saw exchange of guards and Unknown soldier memorial. I took bunch of photos:

We took metro to cemetery but otherwise we were traveling by taxi cabs. We met many interesting drivers – there was this guy who speaks russian and was flirting with my cousin. Or the guy with long red beard. It was great for practising our english with english speakers only as we tend to speak Slovak in between ourselves but not this time.

As this was before the big american election, topic as Trump vs. Hilary was very common in our discussions. I remember this taxi driver from Nigeria who was very nice and had very interesting things to share with us about being taxi driver for over (not really sure) 7-8 years, told us that his stay in america depends if his candidate will win the election.

Every evening we had dinner and few drinks even when legally we were not allowed to drink in there at that time as we were just 20 and not 21. But our grandparent alway managed to sneak us some champagne.

Other day we tried french toast for breakfast: (it wasn’t our first as they prepared this for us before but it’s still delicious)

And visited Holocaust museum. It was so huge it had like 4 floors but we were ony able to visit 2 of them and we ran out of time as our next attraction was starting. But even the 2 floors we visited made big impression on me. The top floor was mostly about how it all started and how Hitler got in power in first place.They showed bunch of videos from his campaign with famous quote “Make Germany great again” and it was incredible to see so many people laugh awkwardly at this. Let me remind you that my trip was summer before Trump was elected president. People around me just laughed at the similarity of quotes from Trump and Hitler, and as one guy there commented ” this won’t happen again” (oh honey) . On second floor we each got individual cart  (small book) with name of one jew who died in concentration camps. I had this young girl named Julie who died because she offered bread to jewish kids on the street and she got killed because of that. I sill got that card. The building was full of authentic goods from concentration camps, boots, bones and many photos and quotes.

I’m gonna talk about this experience for a while. I appreciate the effort the owners put into it as it was really well made –  but that wasn’t what made the biggest impact on me. I knew everything they taught, showed or played there long before I stepped into the museum. No photo or video was shocking for me as we in Slovakia learn about all of it in school from young age. For me it was just like another school lesson from history. What stuck me the most was reaction of people all around me. They were truly interested in every article there to be found, watched videos gasping and looked really horrified by everything there was stated. It wa very weird for me to even see our hosts Frank and Sue talking about holocaust in such surprised tone so I got to ask them why is that. Sue is teacher and she explained to us that mot of the americans have no idea about what happened in europe in that time and people get information about it only in museums as the one we were in (or internet and movies) . People around us was literally hearing about actions that went down in Holocaust (and maybe about holocaust itself) for the first time at that time and place – in Holocaust museum in DC. The lack of information people have about it was what hit me the most. I know I personally don’t know much about americana history but i know at least the main information there is to know.

I never personally been there, but my cousins who had visited actual concentration camp in Oświęcim Poland said that the Holocaust museum in Washington was nothing in compare to real place where you can see the place were millions of people died, see their bones and hair ripped out and just feel the horrible spirit of that place. It’s not something you can really replicate.

Changing subject. Our next museum was National museum of natural history. Great plus of this museum is that it’s for free but great minus is that it is overcrowded with people. Anyway we had great time in there, it’s so huge and you would need days to really  check everything they have to offer. We took so many photos:

Again we need to exit it way too soon for my liking and run for other attraction that was starting soon. Weather suddenly turned bad and it started to rain which was just horrible for my choise of footwear – flip-flops. Our next stop was Madame Tussaud Washington D.C. Again I wasn’t very impressed. Tickets to madam Tussaud’s are always very expensive and this one didn’t had as much figurines to show. It was over very quickly. They have bunch of figurines I had no idea who it was – mostly older american presidents and other political figures which is great it you’re from america but for tourist as me it wasn’t very interesting. But not to be all critical they had many famous figurines of actors, singers and sportsmen as well. It was pity we got rained on just before we went in museum so on every photo we look badly:

Best Madame Tussaud museum I ever visited was the one in London. It was much bigger and had incredible amount of famous figurines.

We meet up for this trip with Frank and Sues son and his girlfriend. We had dinner together, spend nice time chatting. I got my very first vegetarian burgher in there:

I had great time in Washington but it didn’t make as huge impact on me as New York did. I found everything in Washington to be large and far away. We needed to take long walks to get somewhere. It’s very clear historic city and as I didn’t know much about its history it wasn’t as appealing to me. I’m glad I visited but I doubt I’ll be ever going back there. I’m grateful i got to see it and experience its beauty on my own thanks to our american grandparents who made it all possible for us.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia