Hey. Another great fashion website I’ve been and still am collaborating with is SHEIN. They have similar clothes as Romwe which i talked about in other article but with slight differences.

My beginnings

I started working for shein few years ago after i submitted my application to them and got contacted through email. What i was supposed to do was search their website to find some clothes i would like to get myself and send them link of that product with size I’d like to get. They didn’t want me to do collages of their products as i did for other fashion sites they just wanted my reviews. So every 3 weeks or month i was emailing them my wishlist, usually just 1-2 pieces per “order” (i never really ordered them myself i just messaged the nice lady i’ve been communicating through what i would like to get and she ordered it for me for free)

I’ve made so many reviews for shein, you can check them all here (but i’ll upload it soon on my blog here too) HERE


I’ve always been satisfied with their products, always good quality and measurements fit the description.

Time of delivery was 2-3 weeks and i never got any damaged package or anything. Whole collaboration with shein is very professional. We communicate through emails and they were so nice to me. Sometimes just simple wish of good day, gratitude or appreciation of my work from shein was enough to make my whole day.

Now i’m working on sales program meaning that depending on how much my followers spend on shein items- i’ll get small money percentage of their purchase.

I make simple collages with short description of where to buy each product i share with  their link and my specific track code. Shein use this track code to see how much sales or traffic did i bring to the store.

I usually have to shorten the link through google shortener. My posts looks like this:



When some of my followers click on that “style one” or “style two” direct link will lead them to product page where they can shop that item.

Shein updates their store daily. My favourite section is “Explore” it’s full of beautiful outfits on models and if you open each model you’ll get link to clothes they are wearing ! It saves time on searching for perfect items. Looks like this:


Btw- shein used to be called Sheinside so you might find them not only under tag #shein but also older posts under tag #sheinside.

How can you join and get free clothes for a review?

It’s simple. Open shein page, scroll al the way down till you see this:


Company info contains many great and useful information. You can read and learn more about shein but you all are more interested in the next parts i bet.

But first let me talk about last part and that’s student discount- you can get 20% off if you’re student what is great idea in my humble student’s opinion.

and now:

Affiliate program works through affiliate sites as third parties- i don’t really like this method but check it out maybe it’s just right for you.

I’m in fashion blogger program- as you’ll see when you open the page there are few requirements. For your tumblr blog or any social media account you’ll need to have at least 5000 followers . If you don’t have that much yet feel free to check ou some of my tips on how to prosper you blog.

if you do have that many followers all you have to do is press i agree button, fill out the form and wait for shein’s reply. From there on you’ll be fashion blogger.

Good luck

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

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