Metallic Multipurpose Makeup Brush 6pcs


Hey. Recently i got myself this “Metallic Multipurpose Makeup Brush 6pcs” form Romwe site. Currently this item is sold out, but feel free to check out other brushes from their site.

Because of my lack of brushes and stylish image, rose gold shiny exterior and seemingly thick hair I decided to “purchase it”. (as you might read in my romwe article i didn’t pay anything for it) Original price was 13.99$ after sale.

I must say it looks exactly like the product photo shows: (left is original and right is mine photo)


It came in white box, slightly rumpled but nothing serious and it didn’t affect brushes in any way. (you could see details in photos below).Box was wrapped in additional plastic wrap.

Box itself looked very fancy, plain white simplicity and minimalistic look.

Back side of box contains image of brushes and basic description of product.

Each brush had its place in polystyrene form and it was easy to pull them out.

They each came in great shape, no scrapes. Hair is just as soft as I imagined them to be. Great quality. Feels great on skin.

They are super light and shape fits great in hand. Serves it’s purpose and looks perfect:

I would highly recommend it.

Don’t forget to use dicount code  “ 20775-Natalia “ to get 60% off for any 59$+ orders from Romwe

thank you for your attention

xo Natalia




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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

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