All monsters are human sweatshirt review


Hey. Some time ago i got this Burgundy sweatshirt with famous “All monsters are human” slogan from Romwe store. I explained how I got to collaborate on reviews with romwe in my ROMWE article.

Why this sweatshirt? I could have chosen literally anything from their store but I’ve chosen this one. Well let’s get back to the times American horror story season 2 Asylum came out and i watched it in one sitting. Easy to say this one was my favourite season from ahs. You could hear this quote from sister Jude Martin and it’s one of the most popular quote from AHS.

They offered this sweatshirt in black color which I found too “emo” and grey which was just too faint for my taste. Deep burgundy color with white letter print creates nice contrast.

Right now this sweatshirt is sold out from the romwe store but they offer many other great sweatshirts. Check them out.

I got myself size L as this is my usual size, but I checked the chart measurements as well just in case.


As you can see the price is great too. I had no complications with delivery or packing.

I can’t say the size didn’t fit me, it did – but. I found the length of it to be too short for my liking and I wore additional red shirt underneath it for photo shoot. I actually never wore this one – I gave it to my younger sister. She’s size S and wears it all the time.

Overall its great quality. Bottom side is fluffy and warm. It came through many washings and print letters still stays put.Sleeves are perfect length.

Color is much brighter than original product photo shows. Left is product photo found on site and right is mine photo:

I took bunch of detailed photos and I’m gonna share them with you here:

I would rate this item as 7/10 for being too short.

Don’t forget to use my discount code  “ 20775-Natalia “ to get 60% off for any 59$+ orders from romwe.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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