Hey. Another one of great fashion websites I had the pleasure of collaborating with is Poppyapparel. They were my first instagram fashion collaboration. I got contacted by the store through my email address I have listed in my instagram bio – but if you would like to collaborate with them too, you could contact them yourself as I’ll explain more below.


Poppyapparel has great website  – very stylishly made and divided into original categories such as #Feminism tag with feminist orientated quotes, #veganismrocks and many other categories. They update new items very often so you can always find something new on there. They offers popular fashionable clothes you can see on the internet (mostly instagram or weheartit) at different models and sites.
I love that they’re not just fashion store but also care for important stuff too such as feminist ideology:
or environmental preservation:
They value authentic representation of their items. You can find reviews and customers photos on their page.:
These are the main reason why I choose to collaborate with poppyapparel in first place. It feels like it’s shop owned by one of your girl friends with same values and interests.
Another great bonus is free shipping worldwide.

What do I do for poppyapparel?

I am ambassador for poppyapparel which means I have my own 10% discount code-named “Nat7x” and if anyone uses this code in check out of their order from poppyapparel i would get 10% of their order send to my paypal account.
All I do is share their photos on my instagram with the my code n description. I could choose whatever post I like from their page and add it to my profile – looks like this:
Simple as that. I also like to share their items to my instagram story – that way I can also add direct link to their page, so my followers could just swipe up and shop with my discount code that is bascally same as my instagram name – Nat7x.

How could you join?

As I mentioned before i was contacted by them but they only send me the form they have on their official page so you could go directly there.
Open Poppyapparel page and you’ll see PARTNERSHIP at the top. Like this:
When you click on partnership button it will lead you to the page with detailed description of what collaboration with them would mean to you and your followers, how to do it and other important information. They have one of the best program descriptions I’ve ever seen. It’s simple and leaves room for no additional questions. At that page is form where you’ll write your personal and instagram information, payment information, choose your own discount code and 20 min from that your followers can start shopping and you’ll start earning money on instagram.
If you still don’t know how exactly to do it , they offers instagram examples of other ambassadors.
They offer option of modeling their items as well. Means you would purchase their items with your special ambassador code with 15% off and post your photos on your nstagram. Poppyapparel could use your photos on their page as well.
The higher amount of followers you’ll have the bigger chance of people using your discount code. If you’ll like to get more followers check out my article about instagram HERE


After posting this article I received the comment about poppyapparel being a scam. I checked it out and they did some digging into the store and made some great points. I must admit poppyapparels items are way too expensive and you could definitely find the same item for much cheaper price.
I can’t confirm nor deny this accusations. I’ve been working with poppyapparel for short while and I didn’t receive any payment yet. I find it normal as beginnings are always harder and since I’ve only posted 2 posts on my instagram with the code i didn’t assume it would lead to high commission or any at all in this case. For my other stores i post around 300 posts a day to make some profit.
You should really consider if you want to collaborate or even shop with poppy apparel. Check out NICEBECETURs article about poppyapparel HERE and make up your own opinion.
I want to thank nicebecetur for writing such important article about poppyapparel, doing great work and sharing their observations with me (and you) .
Good luck
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia


  1. February 3, 2018 / 2:34 am

    I’m really sorry to tell you this but the website is a scam 🙁 Check out my latest post.

  2. September 1, 2018 / 8:08 pm

    Great Article. I also joined Poppyapparel today as the brand ambassador on social media.

  3. September 13, 2018 / 3:40 am

    I was cheated also, time ago, by some modeling offers online. In my case, posing with promptly sent swim-wear became a bait for posing without it as well. I got some money, but my bottom and more are still accessible online, beyond hope :/

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