Rose print dress


Hey. Last summer I picked this amazing dresses from romwe for our review program. We’ve been collaborating for a long time now and if you want to read more about how does it work and how could you join – check out this article I wrote about romwe.

This dress was love at first sight. I didn’t need to scroll and search for other items anymore I just knew right away i must have them. Thank god they had size L as well and measurements found on product page was just as mine so i quickly emailed romwe with my request.

Here are the measurements and official product photo that corresponds with real life dresses, but i would not describe this color as pink, more beige or brown.

My package arrived at usual time and without any complications as usual.:


It’s perfect.

Material is thin and airy, ideal for hot summer days. Front bottom part of skirt is bifurcated right under the hips, but it overlaps so unless you’re in the middle of strong winds you don’t need to worry about showing anything you don’t want to show. Skirt goes all the way down to the ankles and when you walk it leaves incredible veil of roses print behind you. Bak side is longer than front.

Top over the chest part is elastic and frilled. Elastic band is really stable even when dress it’s staples. You can wear them even without bra. Shoulder part are connected to the elastic band under the armpits. It does not restrict you in any movement. It’s also elastic and firm so it’s not falling off your shoulders.

Altogether it creates incredibly romantic and fairy like look. This piece is one of my favorite I’ve ever purchased. I took bunch of photos that would show you how pretty this dress really are.:

I’m very happy with them and I’m probably not the only one who purchased them as this dress are currently sold out. Here is the link to romwe dresses, keep checking them out for the restore of rose pattern dresses. Don’t forget to use my dicount code  “ 20775-Natalia “ to get 60% off for any 59$+ orders from romwe.

Than you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

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