Sassy water and fruit bowls

Sassy water

Hey. In addition to eating healthier and loosing some weight I searched the web for some useful tips. I came across this famous drink for weight loss called ” sassy water ” named after its inventor Cynthia Sass. All recipes found online are basically the same.

You will need this:


The Sassy Water Recipe

2 liters water (about 8 cups) – I use more than 2 liters – my jar is bigger and I fill it fully
bit of freshly grated ginger – I use 1/4 of ginger in the photo above, and I don’t grate it just cut to really small pieces
1 medium cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced – Half of the one in photo
1 medium lemon, thinly sliced – I remove the end parts and throw them away
12 small spearmint leaves – Every recipe I found states 12 leaves, but I just grab a handful of leaves and don’t count them

Instructions are very simple – You just mix every ingredients together.


Here is my final product:


Leave it in fridge ower night and drink the whole jar next day.

You could stir it all at once, but I stir it regularly over day to my glass and keep the rest in fridge:


It tastes great and weight loss effect is great bonus. I’ve been drinking it for over a week now and I noticed few cm disappear from my stomach. 100% recommending this drink.

Fruit bowls

I also started eating this cute fruit bowls:


You coud use whatever fruit you like and mix it in smoothie mixer with small amount of water to make thick consistency of your fruits.

In first photo I used berries and two apples. In second i used banana, berries and maple sirup.

Decoration is the greatest part. I use coconut, chia seeds, banana, cranberries but you can use anything you like and get creative with it.

Tastes just as good as it looks like.

Have fun

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia



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