Hey. One of earliest items I got from romwe was this White Alien print shirt. It’s currently sold out as it was almost 2 years ago since i got it, but you could check out their other shirts.
Shipping was without complications and my shirt was in foil packet like all of the other items they send me so far.

I got myself size L what is my usual┬ásize and it fits me great, but don’t always count on sizes, check out measurements too.
Looks great. It’s just simple plain white shirt with black sleeves and collar edge. Material is very soft and it feels good wearing it. Great quality.

It has pretty cool and simple black alien head print on the left side of shirt. Even after so much time and so many washings, the alien head still stays on. I love that it’s bit longer.
Here are other photos I took:


Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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