Peach Jelly Flower Lipstick


Hey. I’m sure you all saw those cute photos of lipstick with little flowers inside them online. I wanted to get one for myself and I was very happy when banggood offered me the lipstick for review.

They offered 3 different scents: Lemon, Grape and Peach.


You can see the official description of this product as it’s stated at official product page.

I’ve chosen Peach scent (the middle one o the photo)

I got it over a year ago for around 8$. This item is currently sold out but they offer different brands of jelly flower lipsticks at their site HERE.

Package arrived around 2-3 weeks since ordering and it was really carefully packed so the lipstick won’t get crushed. It was also packed in soft polystyrene pillow for safety. Because of this packing it came in perfect shape.

Case was deep pink color and has slanting top part. Opening of the lid is same as other lipsticks – it’s simple without complications. Easy manipulation. Inside is nice golden color.

The smell of it is AMAZING. Incredible peachy/flowery scent. Very nice !

Structure of lipstick itself is very nice and soft on lips – it’s not making my lips dry or sticky. It’s not as moisturizer as balms though but still pretty good. It’s non-stickable (your hair is safe ) Transparent light peach color with dark pink flower inside – beautiful look.

You can see my lips change at this photos:

It’s not that intense but I think it’s really sweet light shade of pink.

This lipstick is supposed to be temperature and pH changeable so the shade will depend on different conditions.

This is the color changes depending on time that official site states:


But in reality the change is not that drastic, it gets only little bit darker. Nothing special. I tried to photograph the change but it couldn’t be captured by the camera – or at least it showed no difference.

It’s look is very cute and I love taking photos of it:

I like it for its smell and looks more than for its main purpose as a lipstick. I don’t really use it that often but I’m still very happy I own one. It’s cheap and cute

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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