Adorable color changing LED light


Hey. I got this amazingly Adorable color changing LED light from banggood for our review collaboration. If you’re interested in how exactly our collaboration works and how could you do it too just check out my article in here.

Banggood offered this light to me itself as it was one of the most popular selling item at that time and I gladly agreed to get it myself as well. It looked so cute on official product photos and it looks just as cute in reality. Here you can check out what the product page offered about this product:



It’s currently in stock and it sells out for 12$, but I remember it was only for 10$ when I got it some time ago. Banggood offers time limited sale very often.

I received my package in around one month since ordering it. It came in black plastic bag with my paper box wrapped in polystyrene safety material and covered up with duc tape as well. Very safely paced and my light came in great condition because of it.

I opened the box and this was everything i found inside of it: Light, charger and instructions. (and sticker but that’s not really important)


Instructions are written in english and it’s very simple and you can read everything in this photo:


Then there was the light itself – so cool – material is really soft and compatible silicone. It’s very light on holding.

  • One push (on the sides or it even lights up if you punch the surface it’s curently standing on) and it starts shining in white color.
  • another push and the lights starts to change from different colors
  • and after another push it stops.

You can repeat this steps however you please – until you run out of batteries. Then you will simple plug the cable to the plug hole at the bottom of light to electricity – through adapter or even your laptop through usb port.

Even when the official product photo shows only 4 possible colors I think it has like 6 due to fade change from one color to another. Also the changing is quite fast. After each push the material goes slowly back to it’s place so you can squish it however you like and it won’t affect its shape for long time. You get the idea of its size from my photos above. Here are all of the colors I captured:


It’s just great decoration. Very cute and lovable, not only for little kids, nice japan anime like style – I just love it.

Would highly recommend it and other items from banggood.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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