Hey. Another cute item I got from Romwe store for our review program is this Black floral dress. If you’re interested in how exactly our fashion review program works check out this article. I purchased this dress over a year ago and now it’s sold out but I’m sure if you search romwe page in HERE you will find other cute dresses. Don’t forget to use my discount code  “ 20775-Natalia “ to get 60% off for any 59$+ orders from romwe.
And now to this dress. I chose them for its retro look. The pattern reminds me of what ladies used to wear few decades ago. I was really interested in how it would look on someone much younger.
I am wearing size XL even though I usually wear size L,but after checking the measurements i decided to take slightly bigger one and i did make a good choice. Here is the chart i decided on:
As you can see the price was very cheap after the sale. Romwe always has incredible sales at their store.
The item looked really nice on official product photo, and it looks just the same in real life. Of course it looks different on each body types but always cute.
As a university student I need bunch of smart-looking clothes and to combine that with summer clothes is even greater bonus. This dress fits my requirements exactly.
Material is soft on skin, it’s short but in a decent way and even your shoulders are covered up. Pretty colorful flower details on black and a bit shiny backgroud looks very good. Flowers are only on the front side – backside is plain black color and made of simple black textile ( see detail photos). It doesn’t have any sort of closing, you just put it over your head like a shirt (could mess up your hairstyle thought) .
Looks nice and classy. I don’t wear it very often just for my exams once in a while but I like them a lot. Romwe provides clothes for every occasion.
Thank you for your attention
xo Natalia

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