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Hey. My very first item I got from banggood for our review program was this Coffee mug. Many of you might know i am  pharmacist assistant and now I’m studying at Charles university pharmacy so you get it why i fell in love with this mug immediately when i first saw it.

Description: (found on official product page)

This hilarious coffee mug will have any coffee drinker who sees it in stitches! Just check out the outrageous label
with funny lines such as – DR.
HAROLD FEEL GOOD to REFILLS: SURE! to QTY: 12 ounces of black gold.
Now you can be the doctor on coffee call! Best yet, the ceramic mug will keep your coffee hot and hands dry.

Features & details:
Pill prescription shaped, “Coffee Mug”
Looks just like an RX bottle
Size: 108mm x 84mm x 73mm- holds 12oz of coffee
Weight: 293g
Color: As is shown in the pictures.
Makes for a hilarious, party and drinking gag gift

Package included:
1 x coffee cup

You can purchase it for only 10$.

It’s incredible. Cover of mug is very funny. I was a bit worried it would be heavy but it’s really lightweight even thought top part of the “lid” is bit wider than the rest of the “box” .Very creative idea.My favourite already.

I received my packages after like 2 weeks from ordering and it was without any problems with packing or product itself. Complications occurred later on.


After my first fill of hot wather into the cup I noticed slight crack going from top to bottom but it wasn’t leaking at first. After my second or third fill it cracked up completely and was unusable after that. I don’t know if this happened to other cups too or just mine was damaged. It’s such a shame cuz the cup is so nice and i would love to drink from it at my university dorm.

Now I’m just confused because it’s really nice and I would love to recommend it further but from my experience i don’t know if that’s the best idea as mine mug lived for only 3 day. I guess it’s up to you. Looks are great but usage is questionable.

Here are the photos I took:

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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