Black and white dress


Hey. One of the first items I received for my fashion review program with newchic was this cute back and white dress. This was almost 3 years ago so they don’t sell this dress anymore but newchic sells many other nice items for very cheap prices at this page. Don’t forger to use code “ Joanna15 ” to get 15% discount of your order from newchic.

I choose clothes from a selection of in-stock as I was told in email communication that it would be more profitable for me and I’d recieve my package in 2-3 weeks as if i was supposed to wait for clothes that was not currently in-stock and i’d have to wait a bit longer for them to be ordered . When you click on the product that you’d like to buy in the right corner you can see the information if it is currently available and if is not you’ll see in what time it will be available. Placing my order was without any difficulties.

It took my order 19 days from placing my order to receiving it. Altogether I ordered three pieces of clothing and in this review I’ll show you my new black and white dress.

This is the official product photo :


and description :

Collar: Staples
Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve
Pattern Type: Patchwork
Feature: Lace Trim
Material: Cotton Blend

The whole package has been carefully packaged in nice flowery foil and delivered without any complications.


White skirt part of the dress is from quite glossy materials and because of the delivery it was slightly creased and as a true university student I do not have the iron to fix this so you can see in the photo skirt is slightly creased. (but that could be fixed) I really like the soft black lace on the bottom of dress.

For the upper black part it’s not as tight as I expected. Sleeves are long – longer as the wrist if you let collar fall lower. Neckline reveals both shoulders on the front and on the back as well and it’s without straps but you don’t have to worry for them to fall of you because it holds firmly (straps on the photos are actually my bra straps so if you have a problem with that I’d recomend bra without them) It would definitely look better if i was more gifted in my chest are, this way it’s juts too loose.

As for the dress as a whole it’s absolutely gorgeous and I feel really pretty in them. i ordered the US size 14 but i think the one size smaller would fit me too.

As for the price of this dress it was very cheap –  only 9.56$  I saw this exact same dress on other fashion websites with a cost over 15-20$. So it is really very convenient to order them from this site.

Looks nice but I would recommend to order smaller size than you actually wear.

Here are some other photos I took wearing them:


Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia

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