Turtleneck sweatshirt


Hey. One of my favourite pieces I ever received from romwe for our review program was this Khaki sweatshirt. It’s described as a khaki color but i would say it’s more like grey, light brownish color. This is how it looked like at official page vs. reality:

This is the description with measurements found on the site. It’s one-size and from my experiences over the years with romwe I would say that one-size fits L size. I am L size and it fits me just great and think that at someone with size S or XS it would look too loose.


As you can see the price was 20$ after sale. Right now this item is sold out but if you keep checking this page they might get restore soon or you can choose from huge variety of other sweatshirt in here. Don’t forget to use my discount code  “ 20775-Natalia “ to get 60% off for any 59$+ orders from romwe.

I actually wore it next day to school just because I loved it so much. It’s great- warm, good on skin, collar is quite tight when pulling on but otherwise is not as much so you don’t feel like choking. Material is quite heavy and easy to stretch. After a year of wearing it very often I noticed it’s stretched at sleeves from when i roll up my sleeves. Also the bottom part is stretched to the sides too. It’s a great shame cuz i love the old retro style of this sweatshirt and you might know by now that I’m huge fan of turtle necks.

You can see detail about sleeves length, overall lenght, backside and pattern detail on detailed photos I took while wearing this sweatshirt.

I received so many compliments wearing it. It had great run and it’s a pity it gets stretched so easily.


I had no problem with shipment. It was carefully packed and came in great shape.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

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