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Hey. As a kid I showed great interest in drawing over the walls, toys or anything I could get my pencils on. My passion grew stronger as I grew older. As anyone who ever drew anything will tell you, it’s not all about talent but about practise and determination. I had it all. I prospered my gift at local after school art school program. I went there for 6 years even usually it takes 7 to graduate. Not to brag but i skipped one year and was able to take class with older students. What i loved about this art school the most was that they offered us everything we needed:

  • topic – Our teacher came up with specific topic every lesson, they gave us the idea and left the rest for our imagination
  • guideline – firstly we made sketches of what we wanted our piece to be like and showed it to teacher, they told us what to do better or what to reduce
  • means – we could try whatever drawing technique we could think of and they showed us ones we didn’t knew about before, we had everything from paper to colors and everything in between
  • appreciation – after every lesson we would lay down our works and evaluate them all together, what we liked about each work and what we didn’t

For me it was great time and it allowed me to grow, try new techniques, find what I enjoyed the most, find my style. It also taught me self refection and being critical of myself – way too critical most of the time.

When reality knocked at my door I chickened out. I stood between choice of a lifetime at way too young age of 15. I was supposed to decide where to study next. Art was aways inseparable part of me growing up. But what about te future? I kept hearing everyone i know doubt my living as the artist. How hard it would be to find job and pay for simple adulthood. I would not make enough money for living by simple drawing.

My mum is a pharmacy assistant and I spend a lot of my youth in pharmacy with her. I liked the chemistry and biology, and working in pharmacy is such clean, responsible and most importantly well paid job. I would earn much more money working there than by my art. I told myself I could be pharmacist who draws, but it would be illegal if I was artist who sells drugs.

It was pharmacy since then. It doesn’t change anything if I’m stuck in regret of my life choices now. Of course I wonder what would my life be like if I decided to go on artistic way instead, but I just can’t take it back now.

The truth is I’m not pharmacist who draws. I didn’t have proper time to do my art since I started hight school. Now I’m on university and I might have some more free time than before but I lack courage to do art. I haven’t done proper drawing in so long. I lost my practise. Still I try to do something with talent I’ve been given and I wand to share with you some of my artworks and styles I managed to practise over my busy depressing years. Here are 10 styles that describes my artwork.

1.Depressing and creepy style

I cannot stress enough that I went through really hard time for me and I kind of reflected it into my drawings. Technique I used could be described as “what I bought last”. If i got new chalk i would draw with just chalk for few months straight, new water colors = all watercolor works and so on.

Main theme of my work was creepy images that popped into my mind combined with as much color as possible. Ghosts, monsters, splashes, eyes o just shapes.

Again this was very bad time for me and this was not one of my best works. It helped me went a lot thought and I never showed it to anyone from my friends or family.  I only share it online and none of my family really cares about online stuff I do.

I tried few in just black and white style and I liked them the most:

As you can see I loved to play with the patterns, arrange them in some sort of repeat. The creeper the better. I used black pen and pencil for the last ones. The top colorful ones was combination of water colors, oil colors, temper colors, colorful pencils, pens, dry pastel and duck tape in different variations.

2. Realistic pencil drawings

I firstly learn and tried this technique at art school lesson and I knew right away that this was what I want to do a lot. My first work I ever did like this was Marylin Monroe :


My teacher printed out photo of Marylin from internet and I created small square net all over it and recreated the same squares net on bigger paper, tripled the size of each square and then drew everything I saw in small square to big square in adequate position. It was so simple and the result was just as the original. This was my first work I was ever proud of.

This way I recreated so many photos I printed out mostly my favourite musicians, actors youtubers or even my own photo:

I’ve got bunch of this in my drawer with other pictures I ever made as I don’t want to trash them but at the same time I don’t want to display them anywhere. I have no use for them anymore. Each of this photo recreation took me around 3-5 hours to make.

3. Not so creepy colors

On my better days I was able to make something that won’t make you question my sanity. (just so you know I’m getting better)

Luckily not all of them are stuck in my drawer as my friend took some of them and actually hand them in her room.

4. Ballpoint pen drawing in a book

Once I purchased this old book from antique shop for special project I was working on with my classmate for school where we needed 2 pages from the book. I kept the rest and used it as a sketchbook. I apologize for every book lover, I am one too and i would never hurt book like this, but this book was dead long before i decided to draw on it. Then i put it in my library and never drew to it anymore.

5. Anime

Simple and easy. You can actually see which are my favourite shows. Usually I would just remake some image I saw online on paper and put in my drawer.

6. Chalk

…and anything I could draw with it. Mostly I just try to draw someone I saw on magazine for inspiration.


7. Bands geek

If I discover new band I liked there are 99% chance I would draw them again from a photo i would find on the internet.

8. My art school finals

As my finals I was supposed to do 3 artworks.

First one needed to contain culture and patterns and I choose this japan (as a huge anime fan at that time) with simple patterns of my choice (flowers and leafs). I used just 3 colors for this work and it was all made of ink and pencil.


Next one needed to have a quote form a children’s book. It was Slovak quote and it could be translated as “cat had fallen of loft” – so I drew a cat and filled it up with text.


Third on was up to me. I choose to do my best work of Marylin Monroe in mosaic technique. It took me several weeks to finish and I’m very pleased to hear that they have it displayed at school walls till this day. I don’t have the photo of my final work but this summer I decided to recreate my best work and place it on my new room wall. :


9. Sculpture

I tried to make some statues few times. This is my best but arm-less result of slender lady. (I had a thing for faceless creatures at that time)


10. The rest

everything that doesn’t fit to any of categories listed above. It contains different techniques I tried, my poor attempt to study heart anatomy and ending up drawing it instead, slender family or my first legal drawing on the wall at our balcony. Enjoy:

This is 10 categories I would sum up my artistic career into. I have bunch of others at home but I didn’t took picture or they are simply not worth sharing on the internet.

I try to tell myself that I didn’t waste my artistic talent, that i simply transferred it into my everyday life and to my blogs. It takes talent, practise, determination and creativity for this kind of job too.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

79 thoughts on “I – an artist

  1. This is simply amazing. The attention to detail is what defines your immaculate power of perception. Then I suppose your memory is pretty good as well. When you put pencil to paper it’s like printing. Wouldn’t make a difference even if you used a pen because I don’t think you really ever need an eraser. Bravo! You must be great with graffiti art.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your style.
    Versatile, colourful and organic.
    Realism in a schism of surreal symbolism.
    Keep on creating.


  3. Wow great I like. it, especially the eyelids hanging with colors. I also like to draw or rather I used to draw before I entered Highschool and then University (goodbye free time!^^’) but I admire the patience that one must acquire through this activity because nothing is perfect in the first time !

    Liked by 1 person

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