Collagen Crystal Lip Mask

Hey. I’ve seen many beauty bloggers/vloggers try on different collagen lip mask. I was very interested in it myself and wanted to try it too. I was very pleased when banggood offered me this crystal colagen lip mask for our review program. If you’re interested in learning how exactly our collaboration works you can check out this article I wrote explaining all of the details.

This lip masks official product page looks like this –  product photos and description:

It sells out at this page for usually under 2$ for a piece. It’s very cheap for it’s really beneficial effect.

I ordered it at great time – well very bad time for my lips as they were very dry, chopped and was actually aching. Here is how I used it:


I applied it on clean lips – without any lip balm, you can clearly see how poorly my lips looked before:


I opened the mask. It’s silver package was easy to open and mask was in another plastic form. It was surrounded by collagen liquid so you need to be carefull and not to spill it all out on your blanket like I did. It’s slimy and wet on touch. It smells very good – very clean like some cosmetic creams. Now i pu it on my lips. It sticks on good I didn’t have problems with falling of or any alergic reaction. It was really nice having it on. Make sure jut points to your chin and that both of your lips are covered properly. You can tap it lightly to its place. You can’t really talk in it without it falling off.

After 20-30 minutes you can take it off. It’s simple and painless. The mask would be dry by now and you can throw it away as it’s for one use only.

I noticed visible improvement right away. I couldn’t believe it at first. My lips were moisturizer like never before, they felt full. Difference was mostly felt that seen but anyway here are some photos from afterwards:

I would highly recommend this product and I want to get more of it myself too.

Shop it HERE.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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