Scallop dress


Hey. In my last parcel from romwe I received this cute Scallop Trim Fit & Flare Dress. I really liked the color and design at official product page you can find at link above. I checked the measurements they offered at their page and I chose size L. It’s my usual size and this dress fits me well. Material is quite elastic and it abuts my upper body but the bottom part is much more loose. It’s very nicely cut and makes my chest pop up.

Sleeves are three-quarters length and ends in scallop just as the bottom of the skirt. This effect creates very nice and soft look and makes the whole dress very unique.

Unfortunately I need to say that the dress are much different color than the official product photo shows. It’s much darker but still pretty thought. Just look:

Material feels very good on skin and looks very good in real. It’s thin and easy.

The price was also very good and reasonable for such quality – just 15$ after sale.

I ordered this dress from romwe and shipments was without any complications and it took around 2 weeks to deliver to my home country Slovakia. This dress is from brand Shein even though I got it from romwe store. Both of this stores are ones I collaborate with on fashion blogger program and you can read about how exactly our collaboration works like at this articles here – Romwe and Shein


I took many other photos and you can check them out here:

I love them and I would highly recommend them.

My old discount code 20775-Natalia is no longer valid but I have new code you can all use now.

Don’t forget to use my discount code called natalia to get 5$ off any 69$+ orders from romwe.

Thank you for your attention



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14 thoughts on “Scallop dress

  1. I ordered some beautiful outfits from Romwe for my brother in laws wedding however I got the sizing completely wrong. I didn’t even attempt to try them on as I knew looking at them they’d be too small 😂 needless to say they all in a box at the bottom of my wardrobe

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