Plitvice Lakes Croatia

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Hey. In summer 2012 my family and me visited Croatia’s most famous and most beautiful national park : Plitvice Lakes. We made a one day stop there on our way to our final summer destination at Baska Voda. We stayed in the area for the night so our driver – my dad – would get some rest at our long road trip. No need to book the apartment in advance as from our many summer holidays over the Croatia we learned that there are always people standing alongside the road with signs saying “free apartment”. We just picked one that we liked and knew was free and we paid 50 euros for one night for our whole 5 members family.

Tickets for the park is not that expensive in my opinion for the beauty you get to see there. Currency used in Croatia is Kuna and adult ticket is for 250 kuna = around 33 euros. This price is for july-august season and it’s the most expensive tickets of the year – but it’s the best time to visit the place obviously. As my visit there was 6 years ago I was only 16 at that time so my ticked costed 110 kuna = 15 euros.

I nevtumblr_p6i0psipi41sqhrbzo6_1280 – kópiaer before heard of Plitvice lakes but my parents did as some famous movies like Winetou were filmed there. I got in with no expectations and I must admit I was quite upset we were making this stop at Plitvice lakes. All I wanted to do was swim in the sea at Baska voda and not hike in some park in Croatia. My sisters shared my annoyance. Now we all realized what a ridiculous brats we were and we wished we appreciated it more at that time.

Park is full of incredible nature, crystal clear water almost bright blue color, waterfalls, bridges, caves, exotic plants and animals. True natures beauty.


Water was so clear you could actually see the lake bottom with old fallen trees or good luck coins people threw into the lake and it looked like galaxies. We couldn’t resist to take our shoes of and freshen up our feet in water.

We walked tons of kilometers over the wooden bridges and all of the time we were surrounded by clear nature in all of its beauty. Besides waking we took free trolley ride to the highest lake found in the park or boat ride to other side of the lake. Our trip took several hours and I don’t thing we even got to see everything there is.

You can see the beautiful sight me any my family saw at Plitvice lakes at this many photos on here.


Luckily the weather was incredible for our trip and it made our experience even more magical. After while I was no longer upset i was not at the beach sunbathing but hiking in the park. It turned out to be great visit and I’m so glad my parents suggested this tour.

If you ever happened to be in Croatia I highly recommend you visit Plitvice lakes. It will be worth it.

thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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34 thoughts on “Plitvice Lakes Croatia

  1. Very nice pics of a scenic park. The turquoise color of the water is beautiful. And I had no trouble finding you in the photos, although you do look kinda annoyed. 😉


    1. It was cold – and i did not see anyone swimming there, i guess it’s forbidden as it’s national park but I’m not 100% sure about that


  2. Amazing place indeed! I’ve been there twice– once in summer, once in winter. Both times the place looked completely different and breathtakingly beautiful in different ways! Thank you so much for your brilliant post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, Plitvice lakes and the whole national park is a very lovely place, as the whole region of north Lika. I´ve been there two times, alone and with my mother. Unfortunately, we didn´t saw any bears, and as a nature fan, I really love that big creatures.


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