Story behind my Marilyn


Some time ago I posted article titled I – an artist  It was immediately met with greater success I could ever dreamed of. It’s my most read,liked and commented post ever. Many of you left sweet, encouraging comments underneath it and I’m so grateful for every single one of them.

Because of such support and demand of my artworks I’m very happy to announce I got back to creating art again. My biggest thank you goes to juliemellorpoetsite . as this happened:



I received the book and started working on it. I’m very grateful for this opportunity. Even thought she made it clear I don’t have to create anything I felt like it’s the right push for me to get to creating my thing again. So here is small sneak peek of what you might expect in the future on my blog:


As you all liked my art so much I’m here to bring it even closer to you that before.

Marilyn Monroe

I myself consider my Marilyn Monroe portray the best piece I ever made and it has great personal value to me as I’m about to explain it to you in this article.

As you know by now from my I – an artist  article I attended art school when I was a kid. One day we got assignment to recreate photography into much bigger form using square net. Point was to make it as realistic as possible, we had to be precise and pay attention to the details.

I got to choose from 2 woman’s photographs: Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. In that time when I created my Marilyn I was just 13 years old and knew nothing much about neither of the ladies. Sure I knew their names and simple basic information but nothing else to choose by, but I was drawn to Marilyn more. I listened to my guts and you already know who I choose to draw.

I even took my final work home even though we usually left all of our artworks at school and I truly never been more proud of myself. Here is my Marilyn I drew when I was 13 (9 years ago)


For my final work at art school I simply copied this art I did before and inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art color scheme I did my own mosaic of Marilyn Monroe. Sadly  – but not so much – I can’t show you photo of my final work as it’s displayed at my art school in my hometown.

But I decided to recreate the artwork and use it to decorate my new room in my family’s new built house. I still had the original picture so I copied it on the paper, bought some wavelets paper, glue and got to work.

I took me around two months to finish 2 pieces. It would be much quicker but this was the time I was suffering from my mental illness the most and I took the opportunity to create art as a small form of therapy. I took bunch of breaks and I considered it incredible success if I glued like 15 colorful pieces in a week. Now it will forever remind me of my worst times and shows me the beauty that came out of it.

How I did it?

I copied the original on the baking form. Placed the baking form on clear paper and drew over existing lines with my pencil. It created imprint at new paper and I retraced those lines and the portrait was copied. Then i randomly cut colorful wavelets paper into small pieces, pour liquid glue on separate paper, took small brush and glued each piece individually.

Originally I wanted to do 3 portraits and exchange the colors in each of them but then I settled just for 2 and placed original black and white work between them.

Here are some “in progress” photos (some with snapchat filters)

And here are some detailed photos of my greatest artwork:

What started out as a simple school assignment turned out to have greater meaning to me. Since I already knew her face detailed as I drew her I slowly learned more info about her and grew to like and admire the woman. I noticed many similarities that made me relate to her. I’m sure as hell not comparing myself to most beautiful woman who ever walked the earth, but there are few things we have in common and many other I just admire about her:

  • Curves – Marilyn was not size 0 and neither am I. To see woman with curves viewed as a sex symbol is great boost for my and I bet many other woman self-esteem. There is still wild discussion going on whether Marilyn was or was not plus sized but the point remains the same – She knew how to wear her curves.  The confidence she had is something I greatly admire and aspire to have
  • Mental illness – It’s well-known fact that Marilyn suffered form mental illness. Depression, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, desperate need to be loved and admired.  Mental illness ran in her family. In the end she lost her battle as she reportedly committed suicide. (this topic is way too controversial and mysterious thought) I can surely relate to her in this one as I talked about my own experiences with mental illness in my article HERE  . To see such goddess experience mental illness and continue to work and be one of the most influential woman ever is very empowering for me.
  • Creativity – You can’t deny her artistic soul. It feels like artistic soul and mental illness goes hand in hand. It’s like the creativity and beauty is too much for your brain to handle so it gets sad. 
  • Menstrual pain – Marilyn suffered from huge menstrual pain, reportedly she once stopped her car and wince in pain at sidewalk. She took bunch of painkillers and this is something I can relate to as well. I suffered from unbearable menstrual pain since I was 14, I had strong cramps, I kept vomiting, fainting and crying in pain for 3 days a month. I couldn’t go to school or work properly as I couldn’t move because of the pain. I took hell lot of pills, but because of medical toleration I kept needing more and stronger ones. Blessings of a woman. Luckily when I was 18 my gynecologist prescribed me birth control pills to ease the pain.
  • Determination – Marilyn did everything it took to make her dream come true. All she wanted was to be actress and be loved. With 3 failed marriages and  shit ton of men claiming to bed her ( well of course if you had the chance you would claim you fucked Marilyn Monroe because who wouldn’t wanted to?) I’m not really sure if she was truly loved. Marilyn Monroe was loved but was Norma Jeane? There  is no denying in her being a call girl but that just proves her incredible determination to get what she wanted
  • Sex symbol – Considering the times when she lived and for a woman at that time being so open about her own sexuality is admirable. Even now woman talking about sex, liking sex and practising sex is still consider something shameful – we are not supposed to talk about it cuz it makes people uncomfortable. I feel like Marilyn brought grace into womans sexuality.
  • Style – No matter what she wore she looked incredibly. She knew how to wear clothes – important and many times neglected feature. There was confidence and sex appeal flashing out of her every move and every look.

I’m currently reading book about Marilyn’s life called Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe by Anthony Summers and I’m just couple pages in but I’m loving it.

In conclusion:

I aspire to be like her and I enjoy drawing her very much.

I end this rant with my photo with Marilyn’s wax figurine in Prague’s wax museum from this article


Thank you so much for your attention

xo Natalia


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23 thoughts on “Story behind my Marilyn

  1. Elton John recorded a lovely song about Marilyn, “Candle in the Wind.” Probably you’ve heard it, but if not try going on youtube. He redid it for Princess Diana, but the original begins, “Goodbye, Norma Jean…”

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  2. What a great post … thank you. I’ve always loved books and pictures of her, since my early teens when I had a book filled with photographs of her and so wanted to look the same! Fat chance! I love your artwork and enjoyed the post very much! Katie x

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Wow Natalia you’ve definitely hit the genetic lottery. Beauty with aesthetic sense and and eye for detail for art and fashion. Put together with caring about the world and entrepreneurial resourcefulness.. Great blog! Great work!

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  4. Thank you for liking my site … just starting. I looked up your site, and was delighted with your fascination with Marilyn Monroe. Me too … but I am 80 years old, so I grew up with her. She is 12 years older than me. May I share a bit of a long story about me and Marilyn. I am a retired professor of philosophy (emeritus … LOL). For 20 years I chaired a Division of Humanities … History, Political Science, Language, Literature, Art were the departments. By the time I laid down my chair we had some three dozen people aboard. Every year I had to turn in a evaluation of each faculty’s performance and whatnot. I found that a professor in the Language Department, Steve, had a PhD and had taught 10 years and was still an associate professor. I had him come to my office to explain why he wasn’t full professor (practically the only way to get a raise at our school due to an inept president). He said he just assumed that he wasn’t judged worthy of the promotion. I explained that he had to write me asking for a recommendation listing all his qualifications for the promotion, and that I would send it to the Dean with a cover letter of mine recommending him. I got his letter and sent it off with a glowing one of my own. Now … at the time we were in a fight with the administration and the board of trustees over a raise in pay which we had not had in way too much time. Well, the faculty won the fight, and Steve got his promotion, and the combination lifted him up over every one (including me) to be the highest paid professor at the college. He thought I hung the bloody moon. He began to drop by my office to chat and we got chummy. One day he asked about a picture of Marilyn on the wall in my office. Sideline … One day my son and I were having a chat about the facts of life. He was hung up on Bo Derek from the movie 10. She was the hot number at that time. I told him that it was Marilyn when I was coming along. I told him about her life … yadatayadda. Well, that Christmas he gave me this picture. It was a promotional still from the movie she made with Robert Mitchum … Wild River … I think. Anyway, I hung it in my office. 1. She was a part of my early history. 2. My son gave it to me. 3. I taught at a denominational school, and it shocked people to see it in my office … which gave me great delight. Back to the main line … When Steve saw the picture he asked if I were a fan. I said yes and shared with him pretty much what I have told you. OK … now I put on a big party for the whole division at Christmas and at the end of the term. Steve got the whole division to start giving me Marilyn memorabilia for gifts every year. I have films, pictures, books of all shapes and sizes. The last gift before I gave up the chair was a gold telephone (vintage Hollywood) with Marilyn (she is about a foot tall) standing over a grate like she did in Seven Year Itch. Every time the phone rings a fan comes on and blows her skirt up, and she sings I Wanna Be Loved By You. It is one of only 500 made and is worth some money, but I will never sell it (so don’t ask …LOL). Anyway, I thought you would get a kick out of the story, Fellow Marilyn Fan. I enjoyed your candid sharing of your struggles. I deeply admire your handling of your issues (we all have issues, Dear). And I will pray for you … I already have.

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