Floral skater dress


Hey. One of my favourite items I ever purchased from romwe for review is this cute Floral skater dress. If you’re interested in how exactly our fashion review program works check out this article I wrote here. I ordered them over the last summer and they are currently sold out. Anyway romwe offers great variety of dresses at this page here. Don’t forget to use my discount code natalia to get 5$ off 69$+ orders from romwe.

I fell in love with the romantic pattern right away. It looked very sweet on official product photo and it looks exactly the same in reality:


I ordered myself size L as this is my usual size. I even checked the measurements listed at the page and if fits mine.


It fits me great ! I feel very comfortable wearing them. It’s simple and yet so stylish. I got so so many compliments wearing them and random people even  stopped me on the street and asked me where did I got them from ! I was glad to recommend them all romwe fashion store. Those dress are great quality. Skirt is ideal length over the knees and it twirls round nicely. Top forms my chest area in very sexy but still decent way. Flowery pattern on creamy background creates lovely romantic look. I’m in love with this dress. More detail photos so you can fall in love and order them as well :


I had no problems with my order whatsoever and it arrived around 2-3 weeks from placing my order.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

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