American flag shirt


Hey. One of my favourite shirts I ever got from Romwe store for our fashion review collaboration is this cute American Flag Print Contrast T-shirt. I honestly can’t even understand it myself and not even explain it to you why I like it so much even thought there is nothing special about it. It’s simple (really good quality thought) shirt, with black neck collar and “USA SPORT SINCE 1928 + AMERICAN FLAG” print and that’s it. Maybe it’s the collar, maybe is the white,red and blue color that is so appealing to me but truth still stays – I wear this shirt a lot.

I got it from romwe almost one year ago and I’m wearing size L. This is the official product photo and measurements stated at the page:

Unfortunately you can no longer find this page as the shirt is sold out right now, but you can check this page with romwe’s shirts and look for similar nice one. Don’t forget to use my discount code natalia to get 5$ off 69$+ orders from romwe.

If you want to find out how I get to do what I do – check out this article where I explain my fashion collaboration with romwe.

Here are some additional photos of my fav shirt:

Thank you for your attention

XO Natalia




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