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Hey. Last year I ordered this cute Summer beach dress from Shein .  I’ve been collaborating with Shein and ordered some very nice things from them over the years. If you want to know more about our collaboration check out this article I wrote explaining it all.

I had my eye one this dress for so long before I actually ordered it. My biggest issue was that if I got it from shein for our fashion review program, I would have to take photos of myself wearing it and since they are quite transparent I was so self-conscious to post my almost bikini photos online. But iI just liked them so so much. This is the photo on official shein product page I fell in love with:


It took me some time to earn confidence and self-love for my not a model size body and I finally ordered them and I don’t regret it til this day. They are as pretty in real as on the photo. I day-dreamed how great this light brown dress would look on my tanned skin with nothing but black bikini on and sunglasses somewhere by the water on a hot summer day. I knew exactly how would I take the pictures and could not wait for summer to come. I did not go to sea that year but I visited some local pools in Slovakia. This photographs here are from my hometown Snina and our Bio Pools and my mum was my handy photographer. Here are my looks:

Material is very soft and airy –  perfect for summer. It’s made from very thin and as I mentioned before transparent material. Little disadvantage is that it gets crumple very easy. Here are some detailed photos where you can clearly see how creased it got from just a car ride. Also check out the neckline, waist or length details. It’s a maxi dress – all the way to my ankles and bear in mind that I am like 165cm tall. (5,5 inch for my US friends)

I got myself size L as it’s my usual size and it fits me great. I got my package around 2-3 weeks since ordering and it was smooth as usual. This is the measurements and description found on the page:


I am very pleased with this order and Shein did not disappoint me once again. I honesty like items they offer and great variety of styles. 100% recommending Shein.

Thank you for your attention

XO Natalia


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My name is Natalia I'm 22 years old from Slovakia. Read about my passion for fashion and travel.

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