Story behind my Creeps


Hey. As an addition to my very succesful post I – an artist I followed suggestions of many of you I decided to share detailed articles about each individual artwork I made – like my  Story behind my Marilyn  article. Here I present you more about my favourite style that is quite hard to explain = creeps.

I like to draw this weird unrealistic creatures combined with bright colors and bit of morbid undertone. I tried to figured out why I do this so often and here is what I came up with = unlimited creativity. There is no limit, no rules of how they are supposed to look, I can literally get as creative as I want and try to recreate what i imagined in my head (and even if it’s not as perfect as I imagined no one got to know but me). I find contrast between dark theme and colorful colors kid of funny and I just love the paradox of it.

I draw this creeps since I was young and depressed kid and I use it as a form to show that “I’m not ok guys please help” but that was not very succesful as you might find out in my How I became a vegetarian and how my mental health made me stop article. Here are some artworks I created since I was like 12:



I was very fascinated by this “ghost figures” and I used them in many of my pictures. I remember this idea looked much darker in my mind but I am still very pleased with this one even though, just like every of my artwork, it’s just a one time look, take a picture and put it in a box under the bed and never look at it ever again kind of picture.

This as supposed to be “Killing your own demons” theme but I had no idea how to draw a sitting figurine as you can see 🙂 I like the color gradient and obviously my fave ghost figurines. I was watching a lot of horror anime at that time and just got new carbon set.


Simple colorful pencils piece with another of my popular themes – eyeballs. I thought that if I crumble the paper it would create unique look but nah. I don’t like this one at all.


Eyeballs. This one has literally no story or deeper mind process behind it. It’s just very simple and I like it.


I am very pleased with this one, I like the background toning and you can see my other popular feature, white brush squirt. I loved how my hands were all dirty afterwards. ( I simply dip brush in color and scrape my finger over the hairs to create small dots over the paper) And ghost figures are must.


Combination of temper colors and carbon. I like the color combination with dot background and the toning. Love it but it still lays in my trash box since 2009.


“Picasso nose” lady with watercolor pencils and my famous squirt of color. Bought new pencils and that’s the whole story.


That time when I was watching Supernatural a lot and got inspired by black eyelids demons. Throwing up dark rainbow is just additional.


Another “no story just trying out new pencils” artwork.


I tried this “shadow” drawing od creeps but I did not like the result.


Throwing up rainbow, black eyelids, aliens and lots  of colors = My thing.


Creeps at the back of my math exercise book, age 17, pens only. Love the creativity but I throw the notebook away anyway.


I wish I toned the background better. “Stairway to heaven? ” I actually throw away this one so I don’t have any more photographs.


One of my favourite ever. I remember being in dentist’s chair when this idea occurred to me and right when I got home I had to paint it. My friend Domc – writer of Books section at renegade7x has this one hanging on her bedroom wall. Finlay some use for my art.


Slender faceless creatures was my other favourite thing probably because it was so easy to make it.


This one was quite hard to make but I am very happy by the way it turned out to look. I used just a black maker but over the years in a box it imprint over – that’s the ugly yellow parts.


Similar to previous one, black and white shapes, ghosts, eyelids, marker, carbon – all of the same features repeating itself over my artworks all the time.


Colorful creeps was always my form of relaxation drawing. I made this one at age of 15 and 7 years later I still like to draw them again and again and trying to improve myself all the time:


Well I guess growing up on Tim Burton’s movies affected me a lot and clearly I made a lot of creeps artworks and  I’m sure I’ll continue drawing them in future.

Thank you so much for your attention

XO Natalia



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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

15 thoughts on “Story behind my Creeps

  1. “Stairway to heaven?” reflects the Led Zeppelin song very well. I like the strange black figure against the glowing background. I also like the next picture, the “eye monster” amid a sea of shapes. Great images and colours.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello, I’m Patrah Murangi from Kenya. Saw you liked my blog post and figured I should get to read yours too. I’m glad I did.

    You have so much to offer to the world and would love to learn more about you. Let’s be friends.

    Regards, Patrah.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stunning. You give your artwork just enough whimsy to make it appealing. Then, once lulled, the viewer is immersed in a lake of cold shivers. Unnerving, yet delicious. It’s a pity such personal pain was necessary to create this, but it also unlocked your extraordinary talents.


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