Ginger cardigan


Hey. Some time ago I received this Ginger drop shoulder cardigan from Romwe for our fashion blogger program we’ve been working on for years. More details about our collaboration at this article here.

This is what I saw on official website page and decided to order it for myself. (it’s sold out now but keep checking the website for restock)

As you can see it’s a one-size item and even thought I am usual size L this one is slightly bigger for me but as it’s supposed to be drop shoulder style it’s probably meant to be bit oversized. The color is much different from the official photo thought – in reality is not that bright. The price is also higher for a cardigan but considering the fack that it’s knitted it’s reasonable price.

tumblr_inline_oexzg8iezj1rm90jn_500 – kópia

It has a V neckline at the back that looks like this and you can wear it as a low V or pull it up higher and let it fall more loosely in the front.


The material is very nice but a bit scratchy on the skin: (this is not the real color it’s just adjusted because of the flash)


The first thisng that I noticed when I opened my huge package..


..was how heavy it was ! I understand that it’s woolen but it’s honestly too heavy even when you have it on. But the positive thing about this weight is that is really warm. It’s  oversized but I love how it looks anyway:

It has no closing and 2 huge pockets in the front. To be fair I have not worn it that much and it just sits in my wardrobe but i hope I’m gonna come back to it one day. It looks very nice when it’s off shoulder but that’s not really how I walk outside – but it’s good for photos thought.


If you like oversized style then it’s ideal for you. If you use my discount code natalia you can get 5$ off 69$+ orders from Romwe.

Thank you for your attention

XO Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

8 thoughts on “Ginger cardigan

  1. I LOVE oversized and heavy cardigans and sweaters! This one is amazing, love the knit style, the overall style and the color (and I’m not big on color, I mostly wear neutrals)! It looks great on you too! 😊


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