Grey dress shirt


Hey. This dress shirt is very cute and I got it from Romwe some time ago. It’s just a huge grey oversized shirt. Plain and simple but you tight grey belt around your waist and suddenly it looks very stylish. I loved the idea so I got it for myself.

I got myself size XL but I don’t think the size really matter cuz it’s all oversized. Material is very soft on skin and the bottom is cut nicely in U shape and not just a simple straight line as simple shirt would be.

It’s quite funny how it looks like without a belt:

And here is the magic of the belt:

Realy love the simple,sporty look of this dress shirt. Very creative idea.

Btw – shipping took around 2 weeks to czech republic and it was packed very  well, everything came in great condition. Don’t forget to use my discount code  natalia so you’ll get 5$ off 69$+ orders from romwe.

Thank you for your attention

XO Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

15 thoughts on “Grey dress shirt

  1. You are gorgeous, too bad we live so far apart and are too different in age. Peace and Love,



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