Grey cardigan


Hey. Another cute piece I got from Romwe store for our review collaboration is this Grey Elastic Cuff Cardigan With Pockets. I received  order without any complications as usual and it took around 2-3 weeks to deliver to middle Europe – Slovakia.

Cardigans are one of my favourites and for me, to own simple grey cardigan is must a have as you coud combine it with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. Look stylish an keeps you warm (kind of) This is my third grey cardigan I own but each of them is quite unique.

I’ve got this one darker grey wooly long cardigan I’ve been using forever and it shows a lot. Material got very stretched over the time so I had to give it away with a very heavy heart. Another one grey cardigan I got is very thin and elastic with nice loose asymmetrically cut front that creates very nice stylish look but that’s all – no other purpose.

This one grey cardigan from romwe is really warm, material is soft on skin, it has 2 small pockets in the front, length is bit over my hips and if you have read any of my other reviews you might notice I have a thing for longer/oversized tops. Color is light grey. I got myself size XL due to this measurements found on romwes official page:

But to be fair sleeves are way to short – I prefer over the wrist sweatshirts/cardigans but this one doesn’t ever reach my wrists. I solved this problem by simple sleeve roll up. I never wear it without roll ups cuz it looks ridiculous. It’s a shame cuz overall it’s very nice. Here are some other photos i took wearing it:


If you want to join romwe’s affiliate or fashion blogger program or you’re just curious in how did I get to do what i do – check out this article i wrote explaining everything.

Also if you’d ike to shop at romwes cool store feel free to use my discount code natalia to get 5$ off any 69$+ orders.

Thank you so much for your attention

XO Natalia


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