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Hey. One of the earliest article I wrote on this blog was about my first ever fashion collaboration site called Beautifulhalo and you can check out that article in HERE. I’ve known them for several years now but they still manage to impress me with their products.

Both positive and negative thing about bautifulhalo, depending on your point of view, is the amount of items they offer. If you’re just looking for some specific item you might get annoyed to search thought the site (even though you can filtrate your search by many different categories such as color, pattern, neckline, price etc.) But if you’re just looking for something non-specific but nice then this site is for you as they have it all in different colors and sizes.

Definite negative of BH is that they don’t offer much accessories, they just focus on the clothes (and lighting for a fact)

I check out their site almost daily, just for inspiration, shopping ideas and I have bunch of items I would like to get – My beautifulhalo wish list.

I’m about to share with you some of my favourite items, why and what I like about them so you can see what are some stylish clothes beautifulhalo sells on their page.

Hope you like them:

Deep red crop top – love the material and simple pattern, easy biding in the front, offered in 3 sizes and 2 colors – also stylish grey color
Black choker crop top – love the sleeve length and fashionable choker connected to the rest of the shirt that would create unique look, 2 sizes and 4 different colors – all beautiful
Nude lacing crop top – love the turtle neck, sand/nude color that looks incredibly on tanned skin, with adjustable laces, offered in 3 sizes and 4 colors
High neck crop top – sleeveless, turtle neck like in original brown-is color, offered just in this color but in 3 different sizes – all measurements listed on the page
Strippy skinny jeans – pastel blue with darker denim stripes at the sides, asymmetrically cut bottoms, high-waisted, offered in different sizes with measurements on the site
Army pants – this pants looks quite lame on its own – it’s all about how you wear them, right accessories like belts or chains just like on the photo, offered also in black color and in 3 different sizes
Loose shoulder cut dress – I’m a huge fan of shoulder holes, easy material, combined with gold accessories, offered in 3 beautiful colors, red, white and royal blue, 5 sizes
Plaid co-ords– great color combination, incredibly stylish look, staples, this outfit screams summer, offered in 3 different sizes
pink co-ords – love the baby pink color and shiny material, i’m huge fan of elastic skirts on wide hips, sexy and romantic look, also sold in brown/sand color that’s just as pretty, 5 different sizes
black and white plaid skirt – high-waisted, stylish pattern, I would love to wear this one with bright red top,  just 2 sizes
elastic skirt – once again I love the tight elastic skirt on plus size models, different colors, love them all, sizes from S- XXXL
zip up skirt very stylish look, high-waisted, zipper all the way up, would look great with just a simple top because of its original top, sells in 3 sizes

This are juts my favourites at the moment but beautiulhalo updates new items daily so my list changes just as often.

If you like this ones just as me or you might be interested in something different BH offers reasonable prices for its products. But who doesn’t like discounts right ? You can use code TOP5 to get 5% off on 59$+ orders or code TOP8 to get 8% off on 79$+ orders.

I highly recommend shopping with beautifulhalo and not only because of our partnership. I got several items from them myself, they are legit and I was satisfied with my purchase.

Thank you for your attention.

xo Natalia


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