Burgundy shirt from Romwe


Hey. Let me introduce to you this cute Burgundy shirt from Romwe I ordered a while ago. I choose it for it’s nice color and contrast between white buttons and burgundy/reddish color. Color came much lighter that official product photo showed that looked just like this: (vs mine)


Original price back then (with detail of product description that you can check out below) was a bit higher that it is now. Old price was 13.99$ but current one is just 11.99$. Another great plus is that you can choose from 4 different sizes and detailed measurements are listed at their site. I would like to point that sizes in this one is adequate to reality as I ordered size L and I got perfect fit size L.


Material is very soft but easy to crease thought. Long sleeved but I prefer the rolled up sleeves look. Asymmetrically cut bottom = nice touch. Would recommend this smart stylish outfit.


If you would like to get it for yourself as well or any other cute items romwe offers feel free to use my discount code natalia so you can get 5$ off any 69$+ orders you make at romwe.

For more information on our collaboration program click HERE.

Thnak you for your attention

xo Natalia





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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

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