Favourite place in the world


Hey. Just from the tittle “favourite place in the world” you might expect some moving article about how my favourite place in the world is wherever I im with my family/boyfriend/girlfriend/friends or whatever but nah. My favourite place is popular tourist attraction located in New York city – Top of the Rock.


I visited this place 2 years ago, 20 July 2016. I spend summer in america traveling and basically having the best time ever. You can read about my time in New York city and what I did there to made me fall in love with the city in this article  HERE.



For those of you who are not familiar with this attraction –  it’s a 70 floors high skyscraper in New York city and highest floor has 360 degree city view deck available for tourists.

Why Top of the Rock ?- it’s so mainstream, every fashion/travel/food/or whatever blogger took picture there and you can find tons of same style photographs on instagram. It’s quite expensive (30-36$ depending on season and time) to get there and it’s always so crowded up there.

Well – for me – the beauty lies in th fact that so many people consider this place beautiful and worth taking a shot and memorizing forever. All of the people who were there at that same moment saw the same breathtaking sunset as I did – as we were there in times from 6-9pm. Pink sky turning darker and city lights turning on. Unforgettable.


Everything looks better from the distance. To see this huge city lay out in front of me, six million people living their life right under my sight, 6 millions stories, even more problems but it seems so small from up far. Strong sense of privacy hit me once I realized my whole country Slovakia has the same amount of people as NYC.

Privacy ? In 6 million city ?

Hell yes – there is very low chance you’re gonna randomly meet same people every day, that this people would recognise you or your family like a small town-people in a place  I grew up in. Not that your action don’t matter, it’s just there is so much going on in big city, focus change so don’t take it too seriously. I’m just a sucker for big cities with high buildings, grey color, tons of people, tourists blocking the way, flashing lights from cameras, different languages, places to see, ever-changing never boring.

New York left the biggest impression on me.


The moment of peace and strange life fullness I felt sitting on some stony pole at 70 floor of Rockefeller center watching the sun set over New York city – city that never sleeps convinced me that this is my all time favourite place in the world. I have not traveled as much as I want to (yet) but I’ve been blessed with more than most of the people and no other place made me feel so fine like Top of the Rock – NYC


Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

29 thoughts on “Favourite place in the world

  1. “To see this huge city lay out in front of me, six million people living their life right under my sight, 6 millions stories, even more problems but it seems so small from up far.”

    Haha… Right. I definitely need to visit NY sometime.

    – Akhil from vibeswithin.wordpress.com

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  2. It’s been a while since I came across such a detailed review about a place. Your happiness of being there resonates in every word you wrote and entices the reader to be there to feel it for themselves. Thank you for enlightening us and giving a virtual tour 🙂 .

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  3. Love how excited you sounded to be in a new place in a big city. I’m about to travel myself to a huge city in a country I’ve never been to. Your enthusiasm has reminded me this will be an adventure instead of worrying about all the hassles of traveling and 22 hours to get there! Hope you get to travel more. It’s lovely!

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  4. If you can’t find what you are looking for in NYC, it probably doesn’t exist. I lived there for six years. It seems to be the only state that is trying to hold Trump accountable for his many crimes.

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  5. I too like NYC because my favourite and kind hearted friend-cum-blogger The Lonely Author lives there.he is amazing poet .may be it is affected him and breeze of NYC inspire him.do you know him?.his real name is Andrews Deran.💕💕💕💕💕my wish is to come NYC n enjoy in there’s atmosphere.love,dear!!

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  6. Welcome to the big apple. It’s a great city to visit. I have done it a few times to go to the theater. I live in the opposite extreme–off the grid–but as a writer I love to visit cities of culture. I like your Marilyn Monroe do.

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  7. Hi Natalie

    Thank you for liking my post. I read your headline posts and was amazed at your bravery in the Road to self love post. I am a big Marylyn fan and your make up was fab, and I too loved New York, this was my experience https://mickosthehat2.wordpress.com/category/drawing-2/the-fairytale-of-new-york/day-1-the-fairytale-of-new-york/
    My daughters are older than you, but fair play for your honesty, it hit me in the heart.
    Good luck and stay lucky.
    From a random person on the internet.

    Mickos xx

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