Galaxy triangle hoodie

Hey. Some time ago I received this aesthetical and super warm hoodie with giant white triangle print on star-like background – simply called galaxy triangle hoodie. 

I must say I had different look in mind when i first saw this hoodie. I was hoping it would be super cozy ,big, oversized hoodie and it would make me feel cute and small covered in it, but in reality it’s not as so. Don’t get me wrong its super cozzy, inside is soft and fluffy and feels so good on skin – I just wish I would order bigger size. As you can see in description box above, shein offers bunch of sizes of this hoodie with measurements stated next to it. I got myself size XL thinking surely it would be big enough. What came in thought was simple hoodie that fit me just right – meaning the sleeves length was alright and lenght was just over my hips but that was not what I wanted.

Yes i’m complaining that it fit jut alright.

So if you like big loose hoodies you should definitely buy at least 2 sizes bigger than your actual size.

Whole look is great, looks very hipstery but I never wore it besides this photo shoot. See details:

shipment was without any complications – quick arrival and safe packing as always:


Shein has great variety of stylish clothes and I love shopping with them

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

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