Fashion Sucks

Hey. What do you imagine when I say this words:

Fashion ?

Fashion blogger?

Fashion revolution?


Webster dictionary defines fashion as…as if. Well let’s brainstorm for a while

Fashion = clothes, fabric, models, beauty, style, brands, catwalk, money, extravagance and each one of you imagine a different picture of what fashion means.

Let me tell you why it sucks.

First of all whether we like it or not fashion industry is one of the top contributors to world pollution problem. Whether its pollution originating in manufacturing the product or product itself. The energy, the water the people who are needed for me to feel good about myself in that new cheap dress I just bought. The way we think about fashion – how easily accessible it is, how price is getting lover and lover, mass production, uniformity, designs that have the power to make us feel like a crap, different sizing so hell you have no idea what size you actually are.

Bodies came in different sizes and shapes and what you see in the magazines, catwalk, the internet, does not reflect the majority of people. All of the plus sized ladies must agree with me how hard it is to shop in regular shops, how every time you go into a changing room and see your reflection in those unflattering lights when you try on bigger and bigger pants size only to eventually give up cuz well you already have one jeans that fits you so why would you possibly need more. Your self-esteem shrinking with every shop you enter and by the end of the day you hear yourself say ” I hate shopping” . There is no way you could ever shop online cuz the XL they sell would not fit S size and will make you feel even shittier. And if you do finally find Plus size shop all of the clothes in there looks like not even your grandma would wear those – no offense to any grandmas out there, but c’mon I’m in my 20s and plus sizes people would love to wear other colors besides black.

And if you’re not plus sized, but have some uniqueness like broad shoulders, wide hips, long legs, short legs, short torso, small boobs, big boobs, strong calf, big feet, small feet or whatever good luck digging through stores sentiments trying desperately to find something that would fit your body type.

So to sum up the first fashion problem : mass production kills individuality. 


How do you imagine a fashion blogger ?

Tall blonde white girl with long hair dressed in last *insert your favourite fashion brand here* line holding her iPhone in one hand and Starbucks coffee in other ?

Well who could blame you ? That’s the usual image and fashion revolves around this image. But guess what? Women of color, plus size women, trans women and can you believe it even men can be interested in fashion. I believe being a fashion blogger means having a passion, a style, a hint of  sense, a will to create, to express,a drive to look good and feel even better.

There are fashion bloggers who likes to create outfits, creating art out of clothes and might not be interested in wearing it themselves. Fashion bloggers who wear outfits created by others, loving the feeling of presenting the fashion. Fashion bloggers who likes to review the outfits, share their thoughts about the pieces of art. Fashion bloggers who likes to attend fashion shows, judges the parade of fashionable outfits. Fashion bloggers who share their views on last fashion trends or fashion bloggers who creates their own definition of fashion blogger.

But:  it’s not all fun and games as it might seem. I talked about this issue in my Why fashion blogging isn’t always fun – fashion blogging might not be as any other day-job but it still has some CONS. The pressure of need to radiate originality.

How to be someone in so wide industry?

It’s not a competition of who’s more fashion so take a chill pil and do what you do.

So to sum up second fashion problem: expectations kills individuality


What a lot of bullcrap coming out of me – a girl who calls herself a fashion blogger and shared many reviews wearing different clothes.  Look at me complaining that product sizes don’t fit me and being fashion blogger is hard when there are people actually dying making my clothes.


introducing you the third biggest fashion problem: fashion kills individuals

I’m sure many of you recal what happened in 2013 when fashion industry building in Bangladesh collapsed and killed  thousand and injured two thousand mostly young woman.

That’s when Fashion Revolution began. 

I can not describe what exactly is this great movement about better than they did themselves so alow me to quote their website: (so worth reading)


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

13 thoughts on “Fashion Sucks

  1. This is very very cool. I wish you only the very very best in this new road you’ve embarked upon. I can’t wait to follow your journey and see where this leads you. I hope you continue to blog your experience.

    All the best,

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  2. You are so right. Nothing is made for those of us shaped differently. Myself I have had big top smaller waist and wide hips, and short legs. To find a dress to fit right is impossible. Good job.

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  3. This was a long read, but turned out to be well worth it. You have voiced what are global but often too silent thoughts about the fashion business and all its dark undercurrents from anything involving manufacturing to the knock-on effect it has on over-self conscious teenagers who feel they are misfits. And more.. I hope with your new line you can help shout a bit louder for us all.

    It was also interesting reading another observation about the Bangladeshi incident – the global community Avaaz played a massive part in getting Benetton to live up to its united colours name and accept responsibility for its workers.

    Good luck with Helaya!

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  4. This question is for you Natalya, since I’ve been seeing you like a few entries of mine and you got my curiosity.

    What are the chances that your brand will be making sustainable clothes, as you mentioned in your post, for men?

    In addition, will your brand be expanding outside of Slovakia and reach the Asian market in the future? I find the mission and vision of your proposed clothing brand interesting.

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