Keeping summer alive on paper

img_9978Hey. Here is my another artistic attempt of “keeping summer alive on paper”

So what’s this article going to be about ?- My art.

Almost 2 month ago me and my friend – co-writer of books section Domc moved to our first “grown ups” apartment in Prague. In attempt to decorate our cozy little place I got kick from creativity muse and got this idea of realistic painting of flowers but make it minimalistic. So I got to thinking.

Originally I wanted it to be three separated same size papers – 2 outsides papers were supposed to be flowery and middle one just minimalistic shapes but I still wanted to connect it somehow.

So I kept thinking and this was the time when I was supposed to throw away old posters from pharmacy where  work in. That’s when the final idea hit me and I took the posters home and started working.

My canvas was not usual paper as it was back side  of poster so it was bit shiny, colors I used was (I guess) acrylic colors – not bought by me so that’s why I’m not really sure what type of colors I actually used. Some time ago I ordered “painting by numbers” from AliExpress and now I used the same colors I had rest from that time. It was all really small containers and I used very little amount of water to soften it up a bit – otherwise it was just pure color so it was pretty thick and created pretty patterns on slick paper.

Firstly I googled some flowers for inspiration and drew them on paper by pencil and created some shades. Here is photography evidence of how first picture came to life:

Once I had the realistic painting part done I moved to the minimalistic part. I did not have any ruler of any sort so I took free one from IKEA. I made 2 cm wide squares to create background black and white check desk – with just a pencil and a black pen. Final version:

It took me around a week till I decided to finally finish the other one (yay procrastination). Different flowers, same background pattern but upside down. Here it is with many detailed photos.

Middle simple poster is made out of 2 smaller posters as my pharmacy did not have any bigger one left so I combined 2 smaller ones with  just plain check background to connect the rest to the one whole picture separated by small white wall parts.

Final look:


Why I like it:

As my room is quite simple – one big wardrobe with mirror on it, 2 white shelves and one double king size bed, I like how it connects the room by its white background – kinda looks like it’s coming out of the wall. Colorful flowers are dominant part of my room now even though it’s just simple paper, no frame or anything (but I’m still thinking about ways to make it look more minimalistic – I might put it into black thin frame in the future). It’s right in front of my bed so when I’m lying in a bed I’m not just staring at the wall, I’m staring at my own big creation. It’s kinda inspiring to see physical version off an idea, grow my confidence in myself and in all that I am capable of.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

20 thoughts on “Keeping summer alive on paper

  1. Wow. It’s gorgeous. I’d say the paint you were using was definitely acrylic if it dries quick (my Mom did paint-by-number kits and they always sent her acrylics), if it doesn’t, if it stays wet, it’s likely oil. That looks like acrylic. I also really like the re-use idea of the backside of old posters. It makes it look like it has a watercolor element to it that really suits the subjects.

    If it were me, I’d add some black in the checkerboard pattern to draw out the squares more and definitely frame them. Thin black frame was your thought on that, I concur, it would really make the whole thing pop.

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  2. if you do decide to frame it, you don’t have to ise a real frame type frame. Insyead you could mount it on medium weight card or mounting board but put the art on top, not behond ie no cut out window. Instead you vignette eg you cut around the flowers in the corner but keep the sides that have nothing on them straight. Geez I wish I could show you cos i’m not v good at explaining! Effect is a rectangle but with flowers coming out atte,corners. That way yiu keep your freedom instead of boxing it within a hard frame and gwometric sgape.
    Good luck understanding!

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  3. Painting flowers with the company of your 90’s sitcom friends to spread your imitation of nature to digital friends sort of summarize our age in a beautiful way.

    “It’s right in front of my bed so when I’m lying in a bed I’m not just staring at the wall, I’m staring at my own big creation.”

    I think that’s why a lot of people have kids. Keep on creating. It’s the only antidote to whatever this thing called life is.

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  4. Natalia,
    This is just stunning. You are so talented and a wonderful read. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog, and share your art with the world.I can’t wait to read more from you!


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