My Halloween over the years

Hey. Happy Halloween !

stiahnuť (1).jpg

I’ve talked about why I like this holiday even though we don’t celebrate it in my country in my October hype article. I don’t want to repeat myself so for some explanation feel free to read my previous article.

I had big plans for this holiday, I planed to make so many make up looks during the whole of october not only on Halloween day and share it with you, but my health thought otherwise. I’ve got sick – nothing too serious just common cold but as a pharmacist I thought I could fight it on my own and cure myself with some OTC remedies but nah, after 2 weeks of coughing, headaches, runny nose and fever my colleagues send me to doctor and I was out of work for another week. So the moral of the story is – no matter who you are and how good you know how to beat cold, in long run is always better to visit doctor, otherwise your therapy will prolong pointlessly.

My costume this Halloween was sick zombie in bed with hot tea. But don’t worry I’m much better now and I’ll keep my Halloween ideas stored in for next year. Hope you’ll stay with me till then 😉

Even thought I managed to do  just one (or two) Halloween make up looks I would like to show you my creations over the years. I never really wore this looks at any Halloween party – it was just for my own pleasure and photographs.

img_05674 years ago – make up creations just getting started but I still managed to do some spooky monsters of me and my younger sister who willingly let me use her face as my canvas. It’s so lame but I like to look at it as it clearly shows my improvement over the years. Good enough for the start.


3 years ago – I really got into it and turned myself into characters from tv show american horror story. I turned myself into Twisty the clown and my sister into Tate Langdon skull scene. Here are the originals I was inspired by.

And our looks:

2 years ago – I got this stickers from banggood for our blogger collaboration and I made great use of it. Here is my face with just the stickers and how much can bit of make up change:

1 year ago –  Sugar skull in celebration of Mexican holiday The Day of the Dead. Very proud of this one.

This year – Marilyn Monroe + her more Halloweeny version. For more pictures and to learn how I did that check out my article My Marilyn Monroe make up look


I hope your Halloween is the right kind of spooky, I hope you are more than pleased with your costume, surrounded with friends and family in great and creative costumes and even if you don’t like or feel like dressing up I still hope you have lovely day and enjoy this holiday in your own way. Happy Halloween

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

17 thoughts on “My Halloween over the years

  1. Good stuff! Now here’s a challenge: there were two kids on our news at Hallowe’en. The big sister (8?9?) was just dressed up as a not very scary ghost. But her slightly younger sibling appeared to be carrying his/her head in their hands! All done with a fake costume and having to stand a little hunched over.

    Natalia. Get sewing! You can do that in bed in between coughing fits! (Get well soon, by the way) 🙂

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