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stiahnuť (2).jpg Hey. Just a short info many of you won’t be interested in, but I’ve talked about my fashion interest so many times and now I want to talk about one of the websites I’ve collaborated the most – Romwe. (and let’s hope some of my readers actually give a crap about all of the fashion reviews I post)

I’ve talked about  most important fashion issues in my previous article called Fashion Sucks and I’ve made promise to myself and to my readers that I would be more concerned about “who made my clothes” and the process behind it.

On official “about romwe” page you can find a cute description with promising idea

Bez názvuf

with nicely made timeline with  detailed expansion of the brand, countries they expanded to put together into really clear picture:


In deeper research I learned that at the moment, ROMWE has five warehouses located in California, New Jersey, China, Dubai and Belgium. ROMWE was founded in Nanjing, China but as they have only online websites they are located in a lot of places and keeps expanding.

Unfortunately I’ve spent hours searching for more information such as “who makes romwes clothes” but it seems I can’t find their designers or suppliers so this sucks a lot  – no transparency so I was not able to actually get the information I was looking for. (or maybe I was not looking good enough – if you happened to know more I would love to hear about it in comments)

I’ll keep looking for more and I’m gonna ask romwe bout it as well. I’m definitely gonna inform you with more of my findings.

In my search I came across so many negative reviews of romwe and claims to be scam and honestly I was bit surprised.  I don’t know if only I was so lucky that from over 100 pieces I received from romwe for our fashion blogger collaboration program I still wear most of them, it fits, looks like promised and I really like it. I’ve shared many romwe reviews and I described in detail each bad order I got, but I don’t think romwe deserves such negative reviews as are there on the internet.

For now I’ll leave with you with romwe deals to get discounted items, flash deals, limited time offers, discount codes and many more links:

Happy shopping

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia



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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

10 thoughts on “Romwe deals

  1. Really interesting post, most people (admittedly me being one of them) focus on the clothes and how they look and fit etc, which is important obviously, but the fact that many clothes are being produced in sweatshops illegally, is a huge problem, thanks for posting this and informing people xx


  2. Thanks for starting the research. I’d love to know more. I am working very hard at ending my addiction to “fast fashion”. It exploits the people who work so hard to produce the clothing and is also damaging our planet. I look forward to finding out if this company is truly transparent!

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