Prague National Museum – free entry

img_1011 Hey. 3 months ago I moved to Prague. Because of work, blog and other duties I didn’t have much time to explore Prague as much as I would like to.

On 28 October 2018 – the day of the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic the historical building of national museum in Prague was re-opened after long-term reconstructions. Museum introduced 2 exhibitions:

Czech-Slovak / Slovak-Czech Exhibition

 2 x 100 Exhibition

and you can read about each of them in links above. I found both of the exhibitions very interesting – for me a Slovak girl living in Czech republic it was very fascinating to see/read about Czechoslovakian history.

What’s most important thought: In celebration of re-opening of the building, 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia, 200 years of national museum – well there is a lot to celebrate and museum knows it. That’s why they offer

FREE ENTRY until the end of 2018 !

I went to check this free entry museum on my own. As it’s free many visitors are interested, that means you have to expect horrible queues. I went to museum at monday morning – I thought people are at work, kids at school, it’s my day off so why not. They opened at 10 and my roommate who went to work that way send me a photo of how did current queue looked like. Not pretty:



(let me explain to you that this was all around the building) so I decided to go there later on. It was noon and when I arrived and queue looked the same, I really didn’t want to wait that long so I went to check out some other beauties of Prague and returned 3 hours later. The queue was like only help of the mornings one so I got into a line. For my surprise it was moving so fast ! 8 minutes and I was in ! So my advice – don’t get sicken by the long queues like I did – it’s not that bad how it looks like. (and it’s free so you can wait a while)

Once I got inside I was informed by bodyguard where the cloak rooms were as bags and coats are not allowed inside the exhibitions – which is great as it was really warm inside and it felt great to walk around just in my sweater and with my phone only.

Everything was well-organized, arrows and signs with czech and english description so it’s great for tourists (and there were a lot of them inside)

Czechoslovakian exhibition contained of short films, presentations, pictures, photographs, clothes, vehicles, furniture, utensils, statues and literally anything you could think of. For tourist who don’t know much about Czechoslovakia it’s great because it offers many description and historical explanation so you can learn a lot. But for someone like me it was still very educational, but it was much more nostalgic. Even thought I was born shortly after end of Czechoslovakia I recognised so many exhibits from my home when I was a kid – made me feel so old and I’m just 22. For someone older it must have been quite emotional. Here are few photographs.

Best of museum was quite unique – more international. I understand that many foreigners might not be very interested in Czechoslovakian history but best exhibits of museum must be more interesting for them. It was mix of everything. Every exhibit was described in both czech and english. I really don’t want to spoil you anything but I’m gonna show you my favourite exhibit = Tsantsa – trophy human head.

Both exhibits were great – but I was more stunned by the whole building. I was staring at the walls, ceiling and wall art more than the exhibits itself. Looks great now.


Whole building it’s still under reconstruction so you might see some workers from time to time. That’s also why there is no barrier-free access available.

If you’re visiting with kids there are some pros and cons for you. Pro – you don’t have to wait in line / con you have to leave your stroller outside and carry your kid all the time.

I didn’t see any kid at the time when I was visiting thought.

If you happened to be in Prague till 31.12.2018 try to find some time and visit historical building of national museum. Queues might be discouraging but the 30-60 minutes you spend inside will make up for it. It’s free its educational and if you’re not into that kind of stuff it’s really pretty and peaceful inside.

Museum has great location – right at the Vaclavske namesti so even when you’re waiting in line you have spectacular vies ower the town square.

I’m surely gonna go again till the end of the year and you should too.


Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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33 thoughts on “Prague National Museum – free entry

  1. WOW! So beautiful and full of history. Thank you so much for sharing. I will probably never get there but I sure appreciate you taking the time to tell us all about it. I think the shrunken head is pretty interesting, too.

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  2. In the posters, it’s interesting how the image of a young woman was used at different times, in different roles, to represent the nation. She could bestow honor (on a male hero), protect the vulnerable (children), or be imprisoned (I’m not sure by what). In each case the female figure represents the ideals of the nation. What a heavy burden for women to carry!

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  3. Prague is great. I’ve been here for 12 years and love it.

    Here is something for you to look forward to, every year in the summer all of the Museums are open in the evening and entry is free as is the public transport to get you too them.


    The Cat

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    As usual, I’m always on the look out for a good read or blog to share with all of you. I found a nice one here. Good for reading before bed, warm in your covers after a hot chocolate. A rarity for me. A fascinating Blog, she travels around the world. I recommend a follow.

    – M

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  5. This looks like a fascinating museum. It’s amazing that with such a long line you were able to get in so quickly. Awesome!

    Thanks for sharing all these photos. It makes me feel like I was there. 😉


  6. The desks, maps and blackboards they had in schools in those days look very much like what they had in school rooms in the Canadian prairie provinces in the 1920s and 1930s.

    My dad founded a museum in the Canadian province of Alberta back in the 1990s and the 1930s replica school room he built in the museum had desks very much like those in the picture.


  7. Prague is certainly a phenomenal City! That represents great diversity in the fine arts and culture! Your insightful and reflective writing on the museum in Prague gave me more intensive awareness of the cultural legacy of Prague in particular and the impressive Czech and Slovakian cultural heritage.

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