Bohemian rhapsody is a masterpiece


Súvisiaci obrázokHey. Yesterday I went to see Bohemian rhapsody – movie directed by Bryan Singer documenting legendary band Queen that premiered some time ago in october but I only got to see it now and I have a lot to say about it.

First time I saw the trailer in a cinema right before Mama Mia!2 I knew I was doomed. The basic idea, the music, the costumes, the whole trailer consumed me but most importantly – Rami Malek. I watched tv show starring Rami few years ago called Mr.Robot and honestly it was quite lame show in my opinion with not very interesting plot, boring character exept one and the only reason why I watched it – Rami Malek and his performance.

I was so thrilled to see him as Freddie Mercury. I was so hyped about this movie. Days ahead I listened to Queen on repeat, I saw gifs and videos from movie (it’s hard not to when you’re spending so much time on the internet as I do) I was excited but also anxious that I would get disappointed by my high expectations of this movie.

I was not.

Honestly it was almost religious experience. I planed to take photos during the movie to share on my  instagram stories (yes that’s the kind of girl I am) but I just couldn’t. I had goosebumps and I didn’t want to ruin the moment by moving at all. I cried a lot – so many emotional parts it was so wrecking but in a good way.

Obviously music in Bohemian Rhapsody was more than perfect and the moments when crowd sang song lyrics back to band were chilling.

I would like to thank whoever was in charge of casting because holly shit well done. It was breathtaking to see those actors being exact copy of real life characters they represented but not only by simple image, the whole vibe they brought with it.

Oscar goes to Rami Malek – I understand I’m not being objective cuz I’m such a Rami fangirl but I believe he was perfect Freddie (and with jaw line like that how can you not) The emotions that he displayed, the way he wore himself, how he talked, walked, simply everything – you believed him all.

What I appreciated was the lgbtq+ representation – of course everybody knows Freddie Mercury was gay but the way movie showed how he got to realize that was so sad. Here is where Rami stepped up big time – you could literally see the purest emotions, confusion, resistance and finally acceptance of who he is and how he come to peace with his sexuality. I liked how the fact that main character is gay was not the main plot of the movie – his personality was more dominant than his sexuality (even though it played huge part) It showed toxic gay relationships as well as cute healthy ones. It felt so good to finally see movie about gay character where no one is making fuzz about it. It’s not labeled as “that movie about gay singer” It’s about Queen. It’s about the Legend.

And holly hell Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor – basically he’s hot and funny. Ben Hardy with long hair is all I think about since I left the movies. I have seriously hard time deciding if I like him or Freddie more in this movie.

I’m definitely gonna see this movie again cuz it was a masterpiece. If you haven’t seen it yet you have my blessings. You won’t regret it.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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36 thoughts on “Bohemian rhapsody is a masterpiece

  1. I’m and old 66-year-old grandmother and I can’t wait to see the movie! I’ve always loved Queen, and Freddie Mercury was a on-of-a-kind amazing talent! Have you see the video of “Barcelona” with Freddie and Montserrat Caballé (a Spanish opera singer). It was recorded a couple of years before the Barcelona Olympics. It is said that his dream was to meet her. He did, and then when she was asked to produce a song for the Olympics, she called Freddie to work with her on it. They actually made an entire album together. But the song “Barcelona” was the most incredible song. You need to watch the video on YouTube! Sadly, Montserrat Caballé passed away in October this year. I’m not a big opera fan, but her voice was magic! And combined with Freddie’s–unforgettable!

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  2. I had wanted to see this in the theater (I couldn’t imagine just watching it on the TV – would not do the music justice). And I made it this past week – I agree. I had heard some disappointing reviews, and maybe I had hyped it up too much? But nope – it was everything and then some. So good! Great review!

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  3. Really appreciate your review, couldn’t agree more with it! Absolutely loved the movie and Rami Maleks performance. I went to my hometown cinemas only English screening of it a couple of weeks ago (I’m from Austria) and I really really wish I could see it again (but I’m not willing to watch it with German dubbing so that’s gonna have to wait until the dvd release).

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  4. It’s very good to read your opinion on the movie, I’ve had high hopes for this one as it has a wonderful cast and of course, we’re Queen fans. I hope to check out the film after the holiday, thanks for sharing; we’re big movie fans too.

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  5. I’ve seen it twice now! Totally loved it! You nailed this review. I laughed. I cried. Rami was fantastic! All the actors were. You’re spot on about the emotional impact of the movie. I could so feel the conflict within Mercury. And the beauty of “the tea scene”. Wonderful review 😊❤️

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  6. I’m 68 years old and couldn’t wait to see how they portrayed Queen and, of course, to hear the music. I saw it on opening night in the theater and plan to buy it as soon as it comes out on DVD. They dealt with his sexuality in a way that it wasn’t the focus of the movie. The focus was on Freddie and Queen and I was in heaven throughout the entire movie, crying bucketsful, and loving every minute of it!! A must see for all you youngsters out there who are into the music of my era.


  7. I loved the movie too!
    Rami Malek is an amazing actor! And the proof of that was on mini tv-serie Pacific (one of the actors, not the main or second actor) with a great representation… and, the boom on Mr. Robot! In this movie, even better, with a great, great work!
    No doubts, oscar for him!


  8. I love Queen’s music. There is something truly classic about it. I watched a bio documentary on Freddie Mercury, as well. I definitely look forward to seeing this movie.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too.


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