Grey maxi dress

Hey. Let me show you my first fancy maxi dress I ordered online some time ago from Shein. I fell in love at first sight of official product photo that looked just like this:

I’ve worked with shein for several years now as a fashion blogger and what I love the most about the website is not only the great variety of clothes but the authenticity. If you scroll down on every product they offer you’ll find STYLE GALLERY section full of real life customers photographs of the product. It gives a great picture of how this for example dress looks like in real, the color differences from model photo, how it fits different sizes and that’s just brilliant idea. Here are some my favorite of this grey maxi dress:

Now for the dress itself. Color is light grey with a hint of purple glance. I am wearing size L as it’s my usual size and from what I found on websites measurements it was supposed to fit me. It does but I guess I’m not as gifted in chest area so the top part is bit too big for me.

Shipment took usual 2-3 weeks and it was simple, clear and without any complications.

It came a bit scuffed but that’s well expected. I went to shopping mall to well light changing rooms to take proper photographs for my readers. I always feel kind of dirty when I’m entering shop with my own clothes in a bag, like I’m cheating or something so I always take some random near by item and pretend to try it on in changing rooms when in reality I’m trying on clothes from different brands I already bought.

This maxi dresses length is ideal for my hight, neckline is so low-cut and I tried it on with a bra at first (see photographs below) but honesty it looked ridiculous as even the back side is asymmetrically cut so it’s 100% no bra dress. Bra area contains several layers so you don’t have to worry about flashing someone. I’m not sure how ladies with bigger boobs are supposed to wear dresses like this cuz it must be so uncomfortable being without any support, and on the other hand flat chested ladies would have to correct top stripes to adjust it to right size.

Overall look is so Goddessy. Because of its design I looked like some Greek goddess and that’s all I ever wanted to be fair. I’m highly satisfied with this dress, ideal for prom, weddings, balls or any fancy occasion you can think of (but who needs occasion to dress pretty right?)

Here is promised photos of myself wearing this cute grey maxi dress:

As always shein is the best and you should check them out. Happy shopping.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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