Christmas hoodie

Hey. December is almost here that means it’s time to get your Christmas jumpers on. Here is my sad review of christmas hoodie from romwe. I’ve been working with romwe as a fashion blogger for several years now and I got shit ton of clothes and almost all of them were great so it’s a bit expected that not everything is gonna fit me and that’s exactly what happened with this hoodie. I was so looking forward to wearing it but just as I opened it I noticed that’s not gonna happen.

I got myself size XL even though my size is L but I wanted it to be little bit cozy and bigger on me. What came in was like size S – on this photos below my sister who was 13 at that time and size XS-S and clearly it’s not oversized on her too.

Otherwise everything is just perfect, it’s so soft and warm with fluffy material on the inside that feels so good on skin, huge front pocket for extra hands warmth, hoodie, christmas pattern that’s just so cute and overall combination of bright red and white embroidery pattern screams Christmas.

Back then the price was around 12 dollars but unfortunately it’s sold out now but check out this link for more christmas jumpers from romwe. I recommend checking measurements extra carefully and if you’re still in doubt go at least one size bigger that your usual size in this hoodies or sweatshirts.


I still think romwe is great fashion site this is just something that happens no matter where you shop from. Well my sister got new Christmas hoodie now.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

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