Best hot chocolate ever

Hey recently me and my old-time friend made this incredible hot chocolate and I’m about to share with you our secret (not really) special recipe.


You’ll need:

  • chocolate ( we used dark 70% but you can choose one of your liking )
  • milk ( we used whole milk but any other dairy free option is ok too)
  • cinnamon powder
  • sugar
  • starch
  • water
  • peppermint candy (optional)
  • marshmallow (optional)
  • any  other decoration of your liking

From utensils you’ll need

  • pot
  • spoon
  • cup
  • and stove


(I know it looks like we’re doing drugs with those white powder in small plastic bags but my friend prepared everything at her home and we cooked in my kitchen as it’s much bigger than hers (well and we ended up throwing unforgettable party few hours later at my place ) and she crusher peppermint candies to powder and brought it to me as well as scratch which I did not have – obvs it’s easier to bring small amount instead of whole package but it looked so funny when she picked out of her bag with marshmallows)


Add 0,5 (or more depends on how much chocolate you want – 0,5 l were enough for 3 cups) of milk to pot and put it on stove. Add 2 spoons of sugar and half a spoon of cinnamon powder and bring it to boil. When it’s boiling turn it off and add diced chocolate while constantly mixing the milk off the stove. When chocolate melts put it back on stove and add half a spoon of starch mixed in one spoon of water and bring to boil again. Now you can add peppermint flavour (or vanilla, coconut or what ever flavour you please ). Now your chocolate should look like this:


Serve it to nice cups, we had perfect vintage ones:


Add marshmallow to hot chocolate so it melts nicely. We got our small white and pink marshmallows at Mark & Spencer.


We call this chocolate diabetes bomb. Enjoy ^^


Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

23 thoughts on “Best hot chocolate ever

  1. Waw omg!! 😍😍 this looks amazing! I bet it tasted even better!! I just love hot chocoolate! It cheers me up instantly! 🤗 hug in a mug! I’d love if I could do a homemade one, I just use a Cadbury drinking hot chocoolate x


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