Christmas Dresden


Hey. I’ve been lucky enough to visit beautiful christmas town of Dresden in Germany for two years in a row. Since I moved from Slovakia to Czech republic my traveling adventures much expanded as many of the agency trips starts from Prague.

Both of my Dresden trips was through travel agency. Me and my friends booked trip online for just around 10 euros by bus from Prague to Dresden directly. The ride there took around 1-2 hours – the closer to christmas the longer it takes because of all the traffic jams. Our bus stopped near the christmas markets and from there on we were on our own. We had a map of Dresden that we received in the bus but it was very easy to move in there without map as well. It’s town meant for tourists so it’s very clearly marked.

Dresden is a town with rich history and we got to visit many interesting landmarks. Sad part was that we did not have any tour guide to introduce the spectacular buildings to us but we still get to appreciate the beauty.

It’s really small town and we had around 8 hours to explore it and it was more than enough. We spend most of the time shopping in primark for christmas gifts anyway. This might sounds odd to my american or english readers but we don’t have primark in both Slovakia and czech republic so if we want to go cheap shopping we have to travel to Dresden or Vienna as those are the closest ones.


Dresden has the most beautiful christmas markets I have ever witnessed. I’ve been to Kosice, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague for christmas markets but none of them could come even close to Dresden’s ones. Even thought it’s very small the christmas atmosphere in there was unbelievable. Each stall was beautifully decorated with twigs, cartoon characters, animals, balls, stars and other christmas decorations. It was so pleasant to look at.  There were many many many stalls with food and drinks but also with sweets and christmas decorations as well as simple clothes and jewellery ones.

In the middle of the markets stood enormous christmas tree with beautiful christmas lights and on the side was huge Ferris wheel also decorated with christmas lights. You could enjoy this pretty view from big elevated podium where we took this nice pictures (but it was very crowded with tourists):

It was so magical and even thought I’ve been there twice already I’m definitely gonna go again and I recommend you to visit Dresden as well. We had great time both times and I don’t think I’ll ever have enough of that sight.


Thank you so much for your attention

Have a lovely and peaceful Christmas

xo Natalia


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