Reaching my blogger goal

qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqm Hey. This morning I reached incredible milestone of 100 000 views on my blog renegade7x so allow be to be a little emotional.


I created renegade7x at the end of january 2018. I’ve been tumblr blogging for years before but I felt like I wanted to write a little bit more. I never imagined so many of you would actually read my articles and definitely not in just a year time.

I’m unconditionally thankful for every one of your visit, tons of your likes and lovely comments you left on my articles. I know I don’t reply to them that often but you should know I read all of them and appreciate it so much.

No matter how you got to my blog – through my tumblr, my instagram, my facebook, WordPress search or you saw me lurking on your blog first and were curious about me – I want to thank you for the time you spend on my blog.

I know I’m so young and I have so much to learn and experience but your comments and articles of other bloggers helps me grow and become better blogger. I have always done my writing in my own way, I always pur the words out the way I feel them, I try not to over think what I share on my blog as if I would stress too much I know I would never posted anything.

I want to apologize for any grammar mistakes or misspellings you might find in my writing. I try to proofread them but as english is now my first language and I just can’t spend a lot of time on my own articles or I would edit too many parts out.

I like to think about my blog as my own Pensieve – memory bowl from Harry Potter. I have too many thoughts and I put my memories on here for everyone who’s interested to see, for me to relieve it later or to forget it completely. I’ve shared some very personal articles about my struggles with mental illnesses, university drop out , learning to self-love and that was my own kind of therapy. I admitted it all and I put it out there so I can move on and forget that part of my life that have taught and changed me so much. I  had so many doubts about sharing that part of my life with strangers on the internet but the response I received on those articles were heartwarming. I can’t express how much your comments help me and so many others who could relate to my stories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt harry potter memory bowl

I want to thank all of my followers, regular readers as it keeps me going to know there are people who reads everything I have ever written. It’s been incredible year for me as a blogger and I’m certain I would not be writing so much if I didn’t know you guys read it. No matter if you’re interested in just a small portion of my writing categories – fashion reviews, travel experiences, book or tv shows reviews or you are here for my personal stuff I’m so grateful for you and your time spend on my blog.

I hope I’m gonna keep entertaining you for the years to come as my writing ideas don’t seem to stop any time soon. There are still a lot I want to share. My journey as a blogger is still in its beginning and I can’t thank you enough for tagging along with me on this life changing experience.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

xo xo xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

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