Christmas Prague


Hey. Let me introduce you the lovely christmas Prague.

The main christmas tree is at Pragues astronomical clock square. The center of it all is enormous three you can see at the photo above. Right in front of the tree is elevated platform that has incredible view over both christmas tree and whole markets – but good luck getting there as it’s always so crowded. Don’t get me wrong I totally get those people who spend hours on the platform – if I had such prestige spot I would not want to move from there either.


I visited christmas markets 2018 just once. Me and my friend wandered over the markets and bought only alcohol – money well spend. Also it’s served in so cute cups you can see at the photo below. Otherwise you can buy shit ton of food like sausages, baked chesnuts, sweets but the alcohol stands outmatched them all. There are many toys, accessories and souvenirs stalls as well that are just so pretty to look at.


When the sun went down – around 5 o’clock the christmas tree show program started. Tree starts to sing traditional czech christmas songs that brings so many nostalgic feelings in me. Light show goes on for around 5 minutes and it’s really beautiful. This show plays every day so you can catch whenever.

In my humble opinion the christmas three this year is not as pretty as it used to be the years before. I feel like it’s kind of crooked and poorly decorated in comparison with previous years.


I visited Pragues christmas markets for 2 years  before and I must say I liked 2017 christmas markets the most. I enjoyed the decorations so much, it’s just super cute and huge so it could be seen from everywhere and here is the photo evidence :


2016 christmas markets were beautiful as well and it was my first christmas Prague visit and it will always be special for me. That time I was so sick but our friend come to visit us from Slovakia and me and my roommate from back then wanted to show her something pretty but I’ve been stomach sick for a week. I sucked it up and went to this trip anyway. At the end of the day I ended up throwing up in a train and being sick for another week. Fun memorable times.


Prague is spectacular place for a whole year but it’s even more special during christmas time. Christmas mood begins around end of november and goes on through whole of december. Lots of turist visit Prague during this time so you’ll need to brace yourself for lots of tourists but the final sight will be worth it.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

25 thoughts on “Christmas Prague

  1. I thought Prague was beautiful – but a bit like a picnic overrun with ants. So many tourists! Is the city ever just itself? For some reason I think of Berlin, Prague, and Krakow as the 3 sisters. Berlin is the moody, serious one. The artist. She pays little attention to you but subjects you to a transit system that is as complex, but thorough as German philosophy. It will take you several degrees to figure it out – but once you do, you’re all set. Prague is the lovely socialite. She absolutely hates that she has to make a living off her looks and so treats with utter contempt those who worship at her feet. Yet, it is impossible to forget her – she is so beautiful, so unusual. Krakow keeps a bit in the shadows of her two sisters but also the simplest and friendliest – the most down to earth – of the 3. Visit, sit down at her kitchen table, enjoy a hearty feast. But don’t take her for granted. She has a history, dark secrets and depths her dimpled smile hides…

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