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Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt you netflix poster Hey. I just finished watching Netflix original series called “you” It’s based on book written by Caroline Kepnes. This show aired on Netflix at the end of december 2018 even thought original release date was sometime in september.

I came across this show by pure luck – or better by Netflix pop up trailers. It took just 3 seconds of incredible Penn Badgleys inner voice for me to realize that I’m gonna watch this show right away (even though I am already watching like 5 tv shows at this exact moment) and I’m gonna love it. I know myself and it was so clear that this is just the type of show I’m gonna be obsessed with. Drama, psychological thriller and a bit of romance – best type.

You” currently has just one series (but thankfully it’s been renewed for season 2 some time in 2019) with 10 around 50 minutes long episodes that’s too much and not enough.

To put it very simply – it’s a typical love story – boy meets a girt and they fall in love and show us what are people capable of for love – but in a very twisted way.

To avoid too many spoilers but to sum it up – boy is a psychopathic stalker of the girl, controls her every action, knows everything about her which helps him say the right things so it’s easy for her to fall in love with him cuz he seems like “the one” for her. He’s willing to kill her boyfriend and best friend all in the name of love (also not the first time he’s done such thing) It’s so absurd yet so fascinating and Penn Badgley did incredible job portraying such character.

They boy – Joe is such a complex character and it’s so confusing to see his relationships with other people , he seems like a regular good guy and from time to time you forget that he’s a psychopath that keeps his victim’s teeth in a box. The way he’s justifying his actions is just mind-blowing and Badgleys acting makes you feel bad for poor guy who just wants to be with a girl he loves no matter who he has to kill. (also his voice is just so beautiful to listen to) I was on the edge the whole time. You just can’t predict his actions no matter how hard you try. I was watching with my mouth wide open.

We get to see his supposedly tragic back story – but for me he’s just every girls materialized fear. He is the second worst thing that could happen to you when you dump a guy (first being he kills you  – in this case kills all your friends) I’m sure most of the girls live with a fear ” what if this guy goes nuts and I’ll be in serious danger”. Joe is nuts from the beginning.  It also makes you realize how easy it is for people to stalk you – yes we all do it for the drama and tea but social medias does make serial killers work so easy now.

The girl – Beck is great character and what was the most fascinated to me was that I was not feeling any pity for her. Maybe because obviously you can’t expect this show to have a happy ending  – I mean she’s dating her stalker – no healthy relationship goes like that. She was badass thought. Typical wannabe little pretensions writer in New York city with love for books that  falls in love with bookstore manager. I like that we get to see that she’s not so good herself but her sins are nothing in corporations to Joes. I knew things would get ugly and I made my peace with that and I was just so curious how exactly will it go down. It was brilliant. Honestly hats down, incredible work from everyone from actors, directors, music and everything else.

The story is told from Joes point of view ( just a little bit is told from Becks point of view) and you’re in his head most of the time and hear his thoughts what takes this show to a whole other experience. It’s linked with so many poetic inside thoughts that adds deepness to the characters.

I just love it when a tv show consumes me whole, I watch it constantly,  it’s all I can think about when I’m not watching it and when I’m done with it the best scenes keeps on replaying in my memory.

“You” had it all. 10/10 recommending.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia





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43 thoughts on ““You” on Netflix

  1. Thanks I will check it. Just got finished with a show called sniffer on Netflix. I thought it was great. Subtitles but the show moved fast and the actors did such a great job it was easy to follow along. So I need some thing else to watch.

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  2. I watched the whole series. It was so well done, creepily so… but still, I enjoyed every. single. episode. If you have Amazon Prime, The Romanoffs is very good. Each episode is different. #3 was totally off-center. Oh and Offspring on Netflix is good for fun, romantic, drama, pretty quirky.

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  3. I wrote a book, but I didn’t know that is the movie based on! I have to see all episodes. There are a few very good books about stalking, e.g Claire Kendal “The book of you”. If you haven read it, I reccomend:)

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  4. I enjoyed the season of ‘You’ too, Nat.
    If I were writing it, though, my ending would have been:
    Let Beck beat Joe, and have season two be through her voice as she adopts the creeper personality.
    Anyway … Happy 2019!

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