Red off shoulder top

Red Off The Shoulder Crochet Lace Trim Top review below
Few days ago i was contacted my one well known fashion website called Romwe and i was honored to collaborate with them on a fashion reviews
I was offered a bunch of cute clothes...

Hey. It’s been almost 3 years since I received this unique top from romwe. I wanted to own something boho style like and I came across this red off shoulder top at romwes page, I messaged them about it and I received it in just incredible 9 days alongside with many other items for our fashion review program. This was my quickest shipped package I ever relieved from them and boy it was a huge package:


This is the photograph found on page that made me order it myself, with description of product:

image image

It’s a one size piece and I would say it fits me good but it does not look as loose as on the model lady. I guess I must have bigger boobs, she’s smaller size than I am or something cuz it’s not as long on me. Material is very soft, airy and feels good on skin though.

Complications come with the “of shoulder” part. It has a rubber band to keep the top in place but it’s just so unpractical, cuz every time I would move my arms in slightest way, the rubber band would roll upwards what’s a great shame. Off shoulders it looks just incredible – if you’re not expected to make any sudden movements. Once you do move your upper body your top would look quite ridiculous. Just look at this 2 photographs:


I’m really stiff and trying so hard to take a proper photograph without my top rolling up.



And here I gave up and moved freely. Suddenly it does not look so hot – more like I’m wearing children size shirt.

Shame thought cuz it looks really good:


Overall length in expected conditions:


Bottom straps and sleeves straps adds bohemian look to the whole outfit and I just adore the bright bloody/vine red color.



It looks better on photographs than in realty. Ideal for photoshooots but not on everyday use (unless you’re capable to make your arms still for longer time)

You can get your red off shoulder in here or you can search romwes incredible variety of products for more clothes of your liking. Have fun.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia




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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

20 thoughts on “Red off shoulder top

  1. Love this top on you & the color suits you well. A shame tho how the off shoulder part won’t stay down but then again that’s kind of expected with those kind’s of tops as I have some that do that to me also. Don’t know if you’d like to try my trick, but I found using hairspray helps to keep it down & staying put.


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