American Gods

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt american gods

Hey. Let me tell you about one of my favourite TV shows ever called American gods. It’s based on novel written by Neil Gaiman with same title and Gaiman himself is closely working with directors on this show. Another great promise of this show is in its directors – incredible Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. I’m big fan of both of their works as its dark style fantasy I enjoy very much.

I saw tv show when it was firstly realised in 2017 and the reason why I clicked on it even thought I know nothing much about what to expect was the title. AMERICAN GODS sound so divine and yet you expect to see something controversial and trust me you get more than you expect.

Story is so full of grand metaphors and it left me thinking about it long after I finished the show and that’s why it’s so memorable.

The first season is only 8 episodes long and each one have around an hour so it’s pretty quick and you want to keep watching and see what happens next. The plot is very interesting and storylines intertwine with godlike flashbacks about actual gods that adds another dimension to the show. It’s very educational and historical and explain a lot about different cultures beliefs. I have been into religious stuff and conspiration theories since forever and this show is so appealing to me.

“All we have to believe is our senses: the tools we use to perceive the world, our sight, our touch, our memory. If they lie to us, then nothing can be trusted.”

Let’s talk about what is the story about – main character Shadow Moon (cool name right) gets out of the jail to find out his wife died while sucking off his best friend. He meets this dude called Mr. Wednesday and accepts his job offer as his personal bodyguard. Turns out Mr. Wednesday is a God and is gathering “old Gods” for war with “new Gods”. From old Gods you might have heard names like Odin, Bilquis, Thoth, Loki, Anansi, Czernobog, Anubis and many more that might ring some bells in your head. It’s mind-blowing to see how this big Gods live in current world where people lost all faith in them. From new Gods are introduced Media, Technical boy, Mr Word and you might wonder what even means 1″new Gods”? And there is this quote I believe explains it all:

“I’m the idiot box. I’m the TV. I’m the all-seeing eye and the world of the cathode ray. I’m the boob tube. I’m the little shrine the family gathers to adore.’

‘You’re the television? Or someone in the television?’

‘The TV’s the altar. I’m what people are sacrificing to.’

‘What do they sacrifice?’ asked Shadow.

‘Their time, mostly,’ said Lucy. ‘Sometimes each other.’ She raised two fingers, blew imaginary gunsmoke from the tips. Then she winked, a big old I Love Lucy wink.

‘You’re a God?’ said Shadow.

Lucy smirked, and took a ladylike puff of her cigarette. ‘You could say that,’ she said.”

Let’s talk about casting. Main character is played by Ricky White who in fact killed off his last role as Lincoln in another incredible tv show The 100. He was amazing there and is amazing in here as well. From other famous names you might recognise Pablo Schreiber who portrays Mad Sweeny = a leprechaun, Emily Browning who plays Shadows not so dead wife or my favourite  Bruce Langley as technical boy. Let’s not forget about Gillian Anderson and her many faces.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt american gods media

Whole show is made just perfectly from casting, acting, plotline, brilliant special effects  and so many little details that brings this show to pure perfection. You might think it doesn’t make a lot of sense at first but trust me it will all fall in place in the end just enjoy the ride. I love the brutal honesty of the show and reality of faith and religions is portrayed so well in here. I was so into the show that I actually got myself a book to absorb even more of the visionary quotes of Neil Gaiman and it’s breathtaking.

Soon there will be second series of American god and I highly recommend this show if you’re into well made darky, fantasy with hint of hard real life full of hard to swallow points. American gods 2 is out march 2019 and I so can’t wait.

I love so many quotes of the show/book I can’t even choose my favourite one but I guess I’ll leave you with this one:

“The best thing—in Shadow’s opinion, perhaps the only good thing—about being in prison was a feeling of relief. The feeling that he’d plunged as low as he could plunge and he’d hit bottom. He didn’t worry that the man was going to get him, because the man had got him. He was no longer scared of what tomorrow might bring, because yesterday had brought it.”
― Neil Gaiman, American Gods

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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24 thoughts on “American Gods

  1. I have watched bits and pieces of it….. like maybe about 5 or so episodes the one with Easter for example, and I enjoyed it but I want to watch it and pay attention from Season 1. I have enjoyed your blog post and you have inspired me to start watching it again 🙂

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  2. I don’t have a television, but American Gods is one of my favorite contemporary novels. It’s well worth reading. It’s also good to have some background in Norse mythology to understand how Gaiman works in the gods acting as humans, and all the rituals they go through as the novel unfolds. The dead wife is a wonderful character.

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      1. I don’t know if comics are your thing, but The Sandman is totally worth it. It’s probably both my favorite fantasy story and the most ambitious that I know of. The world building is very similar to American Gods in some ways


  3. I’ve been on the fence about this show for a while, I might just check it out thanks to your review. And that bit about technology being our new gods is correct… we sacrifice our time and each other to them, and they, in turn reward us with insights, information, entertainment. Anyways, have a good one.

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  4. I started watching American Gods based on the name. The show took a great twist once I watched the first episode.
    I noticed I could not sleep after watching this show and part of the punisher… great show just bad timing at night before bed… thank you


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