Turning 23


Hey. 23 years ago at exactly 14:30 on 27th of january Saturday afternoon I came into this world. Being over 20 always seemed so far away and yet here I am living it and it’s nothing and everything I have ever imagined it would be. I still know pretty much nothing but last year has been very relevant for me. I learned that a lot can change in a year and it’s both positive and negative fact.

Here are some mistakes I made and life lessons I learned in my 23 short years:

  • People are different – the fact that you’re telling the truth, being honest doesn’t mean other people are doing the same. Not everyone has same values and morals as you do and you can’t count on people being just as responsible as you are. Everyone is different and you can’t expect them to behave as you do – you’ll end up pretty disappointed
  • Lover your expectations – sad but keeping my head low is very hard for me as i like to dream big, plan big and I’m ending left down way too often
  • Learn to let go – don’t try to preserve old habits, old friendships at every cost. “People change, friends leave and life doesn’t stop for anybody”. Letting go of toxic situations or people is so vital.
  • You’re in no hurry to do stuff or go places – don’t push relationships only because that’s what society expects from you. Take your own time.
  • People are too busy living their life they don’t really care that much about yours – take it easy and stop worrying what other people might think, that’s not really important.
  • Excercise is way too important.
  • Finding people to count on in your life is so important and yet so hard. You’ll make so many bad choices but you’ll be stronger with every person who screws you over.
  • Keep developing your talents – you’re so lucky to be able to do what you do best. You have no idea how special that is so keep drawing, keep writing, keep creating.
  • Don’t feel guilty about your decisions – from small ones like staying in on friday night, not drinking in a group of drinkers, or quitting school that was making you miserable
  • Things that make you feel miserable are not worth doing
  • Keep making beautiful things even when nobody cares – keep taking those photographs even when you’re never going to show it to anybody, keep writing even when nobody reads it… keep the beauty alive for yourself only.
  • Right perfume can make a huge difference
  • You’re all you really need – take care of yourself – buy that cake, get that bath, get that tooth fixed even if it cost more that you can afford, buy the shoes, drink water, take your medicine… Care for yourself – god know everybody else does.
  • Investing in Netflix or iTunes is worth it.
  • Just like you people will do their mistakes and no mater what you say or do can convince them from doing that mistake.
  • Your parents are not the enemy – they truly want the best for you and they are the only people you can really trust.
  • Do no harm but take no shit – know your worth and add the tax.
  • You can’t force people to like you – that’s when you try to apply that “letting go” you’re so bad at
  • You have survived everything you thought would destroy you so far, this time it’s no different – you got this
  • Your stubbornness is both good and bad feature. It’s great you’re so fierce in not giving up but honey some thing are not worth holding onto.
  • People will disagree with you and you can’t spend all your energy explaining why they’re wrong. Again let go.
  • You don’t know it all – ask for help, ask for advice, do your research and make your opinions based on facts.
  • Breakfast is very important.
  • Sleeping at reasonable hour is good.
  • Alcohol is no fun no matter what people say.
  • What a treacherous thing it is to believe that a person is more than a person.
  • Working with people is complicated.
  • Things happens unexpectedly and it’s all about how you handle plan B
  • Always have plan B,C,D…
  • Don’t count on people, try to depend on yourself only.
  • Don’t get too comfortable once things are going too well.
  • Clean your face and use dermatological tested cosmetic
  • Don’t bite your nails.
  • Life goes on no matter what happens but God forbid you go on with the same people who let you down.
  • Empathy is vital but the fact you understand why people behave certain way doesn’t justify their actions


And then there were moments in my 23 years of life when it just hit me so hard how awesome my life is and how incredibly blessed I am despite all of those downs. And isn’t it all about those few moments…:

  • when you come home after 14 hours of ride and your dog sees you for the first time in months and his tail wiggles so much you actually think it might hurt and you are reminded of true honest selfless love, and then your mum hugs you and you’re home and you get to sleep in your own bed with freshly washed sheets…
  • when you step in a new country and you get that rush of excitement through your veins and it’s mix of fear of unknown, relief of safe travel and thrill of unknown…
  • when you watch sun set over New York from 70 floor and a sky is pink and then black and you can see 8milion city from up high and it’s so peaceful
  • when you go swimming in the sea in the middle of the night and all is dark and all is calm and you lie back and watch the stars and everything feel just right (careful very dangerous never go alone)
  • when you leave a place behind, move away to start again – starting again with full possibilities and so much dreams and expectations to fulfill
  • when you create something – when you actually materialize your thoughts and ideas and you can point at an object, whether it’s painting, sculpture, poem, cake or whatever, and say “I made that” it’s just such a wonderful fulfilling moment
  • when you meet with a friend after a long while because a life got in a way and it’s like no time has ever passed since you lastly saw each other
  • when you get that first bite of a food you’ve been craving for a long time
  • when you enter a tunnel and all of the noise stops, colors change and you feel like you just entered different dimension

Life is an incredible rollercoaster and I’m pretty sure my 24th year will be no different so here is to the all the good and all the bad that awaits for me in upcoming year of my life. Bring it on. Cheers to my 23 birthday.

Bez názvu.png

Thank you all for sticking by my side, reading and commenting my writings. Just as me my blog keeps growing with me and your support means the world to me.


Thank you all for your attentions

Love you



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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

154 thoughts on “Turning 23

  1. there are two types of mistakes…….recoverable and non- recoverable. You will make many thousand recoverable mistakes but only one non- recoverable.
    The person who makes the most mistakes (and learns from them) will become wise. Wisdom is earned through blood sweat and tears.
    You are well on your way.

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  2. Hey, you share a birthday with Mozart – and also a rather famous fellow blogger, I understand 🙂 Happy happy, and many more!! I loved your list(s). Having lived at least twice as long as you now, I think I can safely say that the perfume line resonated with me the most. Because I don’t wear any. Maybe that’s why I have no friends…. Oh wait! “Keep making beautiful things even when nobody cares” is also important, and might be the one single thing that brings you the most fulfillment year after year. Other than a dog and a good human soulmate, that is. All the best!

    Liked by 2 people

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