Bulgarias Moonlight

Hey. In 2015 me and my family traveled for our annual summer holiday to Bulgaria. We’ve been there one time before but it was in times when Bulgaria was not as touristy attractive as it is now and most of the hotels were still in process of building. To be more specific – a hotel was being build right next to the hotel we were staying and the constructions turned into swamp with shit ton of mosquitos. In the morning me and my sisters woke up with over 40 mosquito bites and we looked like we had chicken pox again. So this time we were really hoping it would be different.

And it was.


We took a road trip to Bulgaria and made a stop in Romania. I wrote what we did in Romania in my other article – Visiting Dracula in RomaniaVisiting Dracula in Romania .

We were staying in Sveti Vlas in all-inclusive 5 stars hotel. In case you didn’t know this – in bulgur they speak Bulgarian and write in cyrillic and even thought me and my parents understands russian a bit we used english instead and it was very easy to communicate with locals. Bulgarians currency is lev.

We booked our hotel – The moonlight hotel – online and at that time it was still really new building. The other part of its 2 building set was just getting build at that time when we were visiting but it was very smooth and we barely even noticed it. The hotel is right at the beach but it even has its own pools if you’re not a fan of swimming in the sea.

Me and my sisters got one room and my parents the other. Rooms were so huge and fancy. We had an incredible view from our balcony, that was right above the hotel pool, of the sea that looked just like this:


The food in hotel was served in a form of buffet and there were so many options to choose from. It was during my vegetarian times and even I had plenty to choose from. There were even themed nights with cultural program like dancers or musicians. We also had unlimited alcohol options so we had plenty of vine and cheese for dinner. I specially loved this rainbow cocktails they were serving at the pool.

Pool had its own restaurant where they served pizza in between the meals, drinks, cocktails and our favourite unlimited ice cream options. You even got to get it for yourself as the freezer was always open and you didn’t have to feel guilty to ask bartender for ice-cream every 10 minutes.

I also remember this night when we received a call from my aunt that I just got mail from Charles university in Prague stating I got accepted to pharmacy school. We had few drinks by the sea that night – can’t believe how much has changed since then.

Private pool was empty most of the time so we spend a lot of time playing volleyball in there. The sea was like 10 steps away from the pool so we just kept all our stuff by the pool and walked to the sea whenever we felt like it. I did what I do on every holiday – read plenty of books with a drink in my hand, sun tanning, listening to music and just chilling.

Hotel had wi-fi connection but it worked best in hotel lobby so my sisters spend more time on a couch then on the beach. Sad.

As it was pretty new and unknown hotel there were not many residents so it felt very private for us. Beach was like semi private of the hotel and it was right in front of the hotel. Black sea was quite clear as we even saw some jellyfishes and they live in clean waters only. Sand beach with some bigger rocks created true summer experience for us. There were some evenings where I would just take my sketch book and sit in form of ocean and just draw on my own – such a peaceful moments.

My most magical moment of that summer was when me and my sisters went swimming in the sea in around 11 pm. All was dark and all was calm and it was drizzling a bit and I was lying on my back just breathing in the moment and I shit you not there were fireworks going on somewhere in the distance and that moment was so chilling and unforgettable for me.


Main center of Sveti Vlas was just few minutes away. Receptionist recommended us using a car but we always prefered a walk to explore each new place we visited so we just wandered the town to see what it has to offer. In my opinion it is not ideal town for young people who expect to party every night. It’s much calmer and ideal for family’s vacation. Shops in the town offers bunch of local souvenirs but my favourite was this Hello kitty shop I was blown away by.


Near Sveti Vlas is well knows historical town Nesebar we went to visit but I’m gonna dedicate whole article to that trip in future as it deserves its own glory.

Anyway we just had a best time and if you’re wondering where you might spent next summer try to think about Bulgaria’s Svati Vlas. We had a blast.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia



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