January 19

Hey. January is over and honestly what the fuck was that. I never ever had a month like that. So let’s sum up why I’ll never forget january 19 and I don’t mean it in a positive way.

You might remember my first 12 days of 2019 and my article called 2019 is the worst and it’s been just 12 days and might be wondering how did my rest of the month go.

Well it’s one thing to get ultimatum from your former best friend to leave your shared apartment as soon as possible, but the possibility doesn’t come right away and you are left living with a person who wishes you’re gone it’s not pretty trust me. I have trouble sleeping knowing she’s right in next room and knowing she dropped this well planed bomb on me just makes me so angry I can’t even look at her. But the feeling is mutual as she can’t look at me either for still living in our apartment. It’s truly horrible and the funniest part is that she claimed that she was unhappy since the beginning when we were actually talking, sharing our days, cooking together, watching movies and just hanging out. Well we’re both unhappy now so goal achieved.

I spend hours a day searching for new place to live, countless time on phone talking to reality officers, traveling all over Prague to meetings and check new places and getting declined over and over again. I keep blaming my roommate for the mess that my life is but I can’t help to blame myself as well. I chose to live with her, I was the one who trusted her and that was pretty big mistake as I’m founding out just now. But on the other hand i’m glad she made her choice and got out of my life now – might consider it soon but we have known each other since we were like 7 so this shit sucks.

I had my birthday in january as you might find out from my Turning 23 post. The older you get the sadder your birthdays become. Not talking about getting older as it is but I found myself spending my birthdays quite alone lately. I moved from my hometown a while ago so I don’t get to spend it with my family but at least I had some friends to celebrate with. But now I’m stuck sharing a home with a person who can’t even say simple happy birthday to me so that’s that.

I did spend my special day with a friend who took me to Waf-waf Prague  and we had very lovely time and all of your birthday wishes made my day much better but the shadow of recent turning events of my life kept reminding me that I’m in a pretty sticky situation of no money, no place to live and betrayed by my best friend.

January felt like a year – and when you live with roommate who ignores you and only words you get from each other are Facebook messages that goes like “when are you leaving?” “when are you getting me my money?” it’s not a good year.


So let me say I’m glad it’s over and february already feel better but hey everything would be better than that january.

It’s been just 1st february and I had just attended another apartment showing of an incredible place I couldn’t even allowed myself to wish for when I got a message that the home owner choose me as her new lessee.

I’ll still spend one more month with my “friend” but at least I have a hopeful thought of leaving in my mind and I’ll hold onto that for dear life.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia


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Natalia 22 Slovak. Read about my passion for fashion, travel and personal experiences.

58 thoughts on “January 19

  1. Well, my birthday IS on January 19th and its a famous day of famous Capricorns throughout history, (Edgar Allen Poe, Robert E. Lee, Richard Nixon, et al), so I take slight exception to your disparaging it. Let me say that as a “Cap” Goat, you are charged with continually climbing with ambition and reaching for your goals. It can often be quite lonely and depressing, but you must dig deep, keep good thoughts and climb on because, there will be many huge successes along the way to the summit, and we never quite know when they are just around the bend. We are leaders. One more thing, you’ll learn though time as you live long, that spending a birthday alone is actually a GOOD thing, unless you have a loyal soul-mate to share it with. Loyalty is one of are paramount tenets – we are born alone, so it is only natural to spend your yearly anniversary congratulating yourself, resting and recharging. Cheers!

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    1. “One more thing, you’ll learn though time as you live long, that spending a birthday alone is actually a GOOD thing, unless you have a loyal soul-mate to share it with.”

      Amen to that!

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  2. The funny thing about humans is we change. As does everything on this planet. Just cos we have known someone for a long time means we KNOW them, especially when we have known through the phase of life that is our formative years – that is to say, growing from a kid to an adult. Not saying that adults are better than kids, just different. Doesn’t mean to say, either, that we want people we love to turn against us – it is a human response to blame yourself but please don’t. Try not to. Have compassion for your associate, do not let your anger turn into hate, as it will only eat away at you, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it is you who will end up stressed and sick and not her!

    See this as a blessing. Find yourself a cute little cubby hole to move into and turn your obviously artistic hand to it to leave your mark on it, Make it yours, an expression of your unique self. You could never do that if you had your associate still hanging around!

    Over here, we believe in karma and that things work out for a reason. I am not saying she will be struck by a thunderbolt or something, but it might just be that you moving out means you are moving on and not stuck in a rut.

    Wishing you all the good energy that our universe sends us. You deserve it 🙂

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    1. “Have compassion for your associate, do not let your anger turn into hate, as it will only eat away at you, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it is you who will end up stressed and sick and not her!”

      “…but it might just be that you moving out means you are moving on and not stuck in a rut.”

      I was going to write a comment but I couldn’t say anything better than I’m reading here.

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  3. Great you found a place. People can be so unpredictable. I’ve never understood what satisfaction people get out of making other people miserable. But there are a lot of people who work very hard to make others miserable these days. I wish you the best with moving and you new place.

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  4. Capricorns are mountain climbers, I commented previously, but I guess it didn’t take. January 19th is a very special Cappy birth date my fellow Goat. Don’t worry about being alone on your birthday because as you survive in this world, you will know that as we come into this word alone, so do come to enjoy the solace a a solitary anniversary of it.

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  5. Its crazy because I almost went through the same thing. I had a roommate who turned out to be horrible. She even went as far as to take my rug that I bought and paid for. She asked my ex husband if she could have it and he is such an asshole and he knew how much I loved that rug that he told her she could have it. I feel your pain. January was such a hard month, with too much bullshit and pointless drama. I hope that February is the complete opposite.

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  6. You are just 23… be live me, you must change the way you think. I am also born on January and this month was not good for me either. But don’t think like that, please.
    Just take it as a new adventure in life. Being by yourself will bring so much new pleasant things.
    Do not hate her, what happened is best for you.

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  7. It sucks to have to share with this person, but I am so happy you have found somewhere new.
    You are certainly not alone in an unfortunate choice of flat mate, but you learn from it, grow from it and become wiser.
    Here’s to a great 2019 yet! 🙂

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  8. I lived with a good friend for awhile and it didn’t work out. It didn’t get as nasty as your situation, but it made me realize that there are some friends that you just can’t live with. Our friendship thrived after we moved out of a shared apartment. After that experience, I always gave serious thought to which friends I might live with and if it would work.
    I know you felt hurt, but don’t hold onto that anger. It will not serve you. Learn what you can from this situation and move on. How exciting for you to start out in a new living situation. Sometimes people are catalysts for change in our lives. It doesn’t always feel good when the change happens, but in hindsight, we can see what a good thing it was. Best of luck to you with your new place.

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  9. You are taking everything too serious. I have zero friends due to everything that I have been going through over the last three years. Fact is, when you grow everythimng changes including friendships and you have to let them go.

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  10. I’m so sorry about your former friend. Sometimes life does pull friends in very different directions and one becomes hostile for seemingly no reason. I have also had this happen and my heart hurts for you. It’s wonderful that you have found a new place to move into in the near future though. Best wishes with that. And happy belated birthday from this January baby, too!

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  11. Dearest Natalia!

    Yes, I know it is painful to lose a friend. However, it is a good thing for your former child-hood friend to show you her true colours. (An American expression, I think. LOL). You now know the level of her commitment to you. You can also now look forward to making new, awesome friends! And believe me–living in your own place–yeah, it is very awesome as well. YOU, Natalia, are in more control. Right now I know it feels scary, uncertain, and painful–but gaining more control, more authority, more freedom over you daily life, is a rich treasure indeed! I believe that this ultimately will be a great blessing and strength for you, Natalia!

    Also, call your friend up and go to Waf Waf again! It has been some time since you were there last, so you should go again, Natalia!!

    Stay strong, stay focused, stay positive, Natalia!

    Your friend,


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  12. I’m so sorry for what you had gone through. I’ve never experienced living with someone who was mean or wanted them out. From general point of view – friends often change and their behavior is unexpected. Why? It’s them now you. They are the problem. I would know because I had a best friends since long ago and she hurt me. But now, I have a best friend who I’ve known for about 20 years now. I know how you feel.

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  13. Glad you’ve found a place, roommates can be a real hassle and the fact that they’re friends doesn’t always make it easier, as I guess you’ve found out… Just call January a practice month and pretend the real new year starts now 😉

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  14. You have a very successful blog going, did you know that? It’s true!
    Just because this last birthday was celebrated alone (sort of) don’t think
    that you are not pretty, successful, well know, did I say pretty, clever, and
    quite attractive! Have a most enjoyable day Natalia

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  15. This roommate situation is certainly not your fault. Whenever I ever lived with a roommate, we always ended up hating one another, even if we were good friends before moving in. I once rented a room in a house, for added privacy, but all the other rommies stole food from each other, so that didn’t work out, either. I got along better when I began living alone in a one bedroom apartment. Roommates aren’t for everybody. I hope you get along better in your new residence. Believe me, Natilia, I know that what you are going through is very hard to deal with. Hoping for more success in your new place. Happy birthday.

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  16. I am sorry for what is happening to you, Natalie!
    But sometimes in life you have to make decisions, change places and horizons. I tell you this because when I was in University I changed for 5 times my home.
    People weren’t all nice, places weren’t perfect at all and believe me it costed me a lot.
    But in the end, I remained with one rough conclusion: It is okay to change places and it is okay to move on.
    Learn something good from this experience and go on with your life. I know I did!

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  17. Hang in there, Natalia. Having already survived it :), I think early adulthood is actually one of the toughest times of life. Things do tend to start falling into place, though. Praying for God’s best for you!


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