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Hey. Let me show you my favourite shoes collection from this new fashion website I just started to work with.

They are called YesStyle and the products they offer are asian/japanese style clothes, shoes, accessories and home decoration. It’s so appealing to me cuz it makes me nostalgic of my otaku times.

My personal style changed so much over time and each obsession I went through formed me into who I am today. My anime/manga/otaku period took quite a long time and it considered mostly of me watching bunch of anime shows, reading manga, attributing to nerdy otaku online discussions and dressing up accordingly. The fashion style of that time of my life still resonates with me and the softness of the fashion style of japanese culture is one of my favourite kinds.

YesStyle offers different divisions for women’s fashion, mens fashion and even kids fashion. Each category is further divided by clothing categories and that makes searching for perfect piece for you much easier.

I’m not gonna talk about the clothes they offer in this article but about the incredible boots they sell on their website. Truly greatest variety I’ve seen in a long time.

Here are my favourite boots boots boots:

Classy style boots:

JY Shoes – Check Block Heel Lace-Up Shoes

Such an odd combination of leather with check pattern and even weirder proportion but I dig it so much. It could change simple outfit into really smart one in just a second.

Red Wolf – Block-Heel Pointed Pumps

Nude colored boots are must a have in each wardrobe and I just love how pointed shoes are coming back to style again. Even the thicker heel looks great in this combination. It’s stubble and stylish at same time.

JY Shoes – Velvet Block Heel Pumps

Velvet pumps – even thought it might be a bitch to maintain but it looks spectacular. It would clearly freshen up even the simplest outfit.

Dad sneakers style boots:


I’m huge fan of dad sneakers style that’s coming alive at this times. Luckily for me YesStyle offers bunch of different types on their site. This 3 must be my favourites:

High heeled style boots:

TREL – Pointy Stilettos

Simple pointy high heels in bunch of different color variations to freshen up every outfit. I prefer the brighter color before simple black ones even thought they are still very important part of my collection.

Freesia – Chunky Heel Platform Strappy Sandals

Platform high heels boots with really unique straps placing that revive the whole look. I prefer the black ones in this type. Pastel ones are nice too but it would be just too plain.

Freesia – Rhinestone Studded Chunky Heel Platform Sandals

Thick platformer high heels sandals with studs looks so wild. definitely a dominant of the outfit.

YesStyle offers many more cool shoes and it’s gonna be so hard to pick just few. Good luck with that.

YesStyle currently holds sales up to 60%, many free gifts to your order, free shipping over 35$ purchase and even 10% off if you’re shopping with YesSytyle for the first time.

Happy shopping.

Thank you for your attention

xo Natalia








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